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Dragon Age Inquisiton: Dragon Locations

Dragon Age Inquisiton: Dragon Locations

In Dragon Age Inquisition there are 10 Dragons you can hunt and kill in the game world. They are in different areas and sometimes finding them can be tricky. This guide will help you find the Dragons and bring them down!

Dragon Age Inquisition Dragon Locations

Here be Dragons!!

Doesn’t matter which Dragon I am fighting, I always bring two tanks, a mage with barrier, and I play a poison archer. Always bring two kinds of healing potions(health potion and regen ppotion or health potion and healing grenade). If your tanks are taking damage pop a regen potion so they can recover slowly. Obviously if they get low use a normal heal potion because if they die you will quickly follow. Make sure your Mage doesn’t have a staff type of the same element as the Dragon or it won’t do as much damage.

Hinterlands Dragon Fereldan Frostback – (Thanks Roygbiv for leaving the name)I killed this one before I started making the guide so I didn’t remember the name. You can find this Dragon north of the Dusklight Campsite. She is level 14 and is a fire Dragon. IF you go up there before level 12 you are asking for trouble.

Keep your ranged fighters back and keep your tanks high in hp. She will keep focus on your front fighters until you get her down to about 75% hp and she will roar and fly away. While she is flying she will shoot fireballs and the roar summons a few baby Dragons. Kill the babies before focusing back on her or else you will get killed. When she flaps her wings she will drag you and your team in so move you ranged out of the front lines. I was able to take her down at 12 but my Mage did did get killed a couple times.

Storm Coast Dragon Vinsomer – You can see this Dragon early on in the game but he flies away and leaves you to fight a Giant. After a few of the main missions you can go to the Emerald Grove. After you beat that area you can get the mission from the War Table to deal with the Red Lyrium Templars in the Storm Coast. Do that mission and at the end there is a row boat that leads to Dragon Island.

Vinsomer is a electric Dragon that like to jump around a lot from target to target. She also uses the extra armor buff like some other Dragons, at lvl 19 this is quite a bit of extra HP so try to get some armor pen going. I’m starting to think all the Dragons do the wing flap that brings you in. She also has a move that hits all of your party members and slows their movement, no damage but makes getting away harder. She also shoots a lightning ball that pots a damage over time area down after it hits. This is mostly used on ranged characters so move them ASAP. I don’t know what it was about this fight but my ranged characters kept going right under her legs for some reason. You will really need to keep an eye on them this time.

Dragon Age Inquisition Storm Coast Dragon Vinsomer

Crestwood Dragon Northern Hunter – Once you get here you will have to drain the lake to beat the area. After you do that the Dragon will fly by and you can fight her. Go to the Three Trout Farm Camp and head south until you reach the water to find her. She is one of the weaker ones only coming in at level 13 so if you are in Crestwood you should be around the level to take her on.

The Northern Hunter is a lightning Dragon so if you are bringing any resistance tonics or anything make sure it resits lightning. Make sure to keep your Mage and other damage away from the front of her mouth where most of the damage comes from. She will use a AoE move that slows you down and puts blue circles under you, no damage so you should be fine at range. When she flaps her wings it will draw you in and do a little bit of damage. After she does that make sure you get your Mage and ranged out, don’t count on the AI for this. Taking out any of her legs will make her drop and leave her vulnerable to attacks. None of my party members died on her.

Exalted Plains Dragon Gamordan Stormrider – In the Exalted plains you can find this Dragon in The Crow Fens. You will need to go to the War Table and clear the rubble to gain access to the area. Once you do go all the way to the end to face Gamordan Stormrider. She comes in at lvl 15 and uses a lot of melee swipes on your tanks so make sure to keep them alive! She is also a lightning Dragon.

Like all other Dragons when she flaps her wings you will get drawn in to her. Move your Mage and Ranged manually once you can. When she lures you into the pools she will use lightning in the water to create a damage over time electric pool. If your tank can handle it they can stay but get any ranged out! If she shoots an electric ball at your move from where it lands quickly because that also creates damage over time. At 50% hp she will take off and shoot ranged electric balls at you from the air. You can dodge them easily enough but your teammates are very likely going to get hit so be sure to keep them alive. Watch out for the poison bogs around as well! Last thing you need is more damage on you.

Emerald Grove Dragon Greater Mistral – This Dragon is pretty deep into the Emerald Grove in the Twisted Tree Rise. From the Direstone Camp travel north across the river and keep going north almost until the edge of the map. This Dragon is level 17 and is uses Ice attacks. If you have your Rift ability use it on her because it does a lot of damage. Try to focus on one leg to bring her down.

She breaths ice breath to anyone in front so put some Ice resist on your tanks. Like the other Dragons when she flaps her wings it will draw you in. She also seems to have a ice armor ability she uses every now and then and it gives her another, less strong, health bar. She will also fly and shoot a ice ball at you or your team, it’s hard to get the AI to dodge this but you can easily. This fight actually made me use all my potions and I still died a few times. Just be ready for a long fight.

The Western Approach – The Abyssal High Dragon – You actually have to jump through a bunch of hoops for this Dragon. You need to complete the quests, Draconolgy, How To Lure A Dragon, Hunting Patterns, Sharper White Claws and A Manuscript Of Some Authority to get the quest The Abyssal High Dragon. She comes in at level 14 and is another fire Dragon.

This one likes to use a lot of melee swipes up front so put some regen potions on your tanks. She also has a shield like the Greater Mistral but since shes only 14 it goes down much quicker. She does the wing flap thing that draws in your players like all the other Dragons. Not sure if she flies or not but she didn’t when I fought her.

Emprise Du Lion Hivernal – You must repair the bridge at the War Table to access these Dragons! There are three Dragons in Empirse Du Lion and this is the first one. Hivernal comes in at level 19 and is at the top of first tower after you cross the Judicael’s Crossing Bridge, you need to complete that operation at the War Room if you haven’t. This is a Ice Dragon if you are bringing any Tonics. Also be sure to move your ranged back so they don’t get froze. You can get a quest to kill all the Dragons in the area at the fortress after you capture it.

She will do alot of ice breath right in front of her so your tanks need to be able to take hits. The Wing Flap will bring you in of course. This Dragon does fly and will launch ice balls at you, dodge with when you can. This will leave behind a chilling aura so stay out of the area to avoid the slow. Use Fire with your Mage and you can do fire DoT damage. She will fly about four times before you can bring her down completely.

Dragon Age Inquisition Emprise Du Lion Hivernal

Emprise Du Lion Kaltenzhan – This Dragon is found at the top of the second tower when you cross the Bridge. She is level 21 and is another Ice Dragon. Make sure you let your tanks get up there and get agro first! I made the mistake of going up first and got clipped.

This one fights alot like Hivernal but the breath lasts longer. My secondary tank kept getting froze so I had to keep healing him. She does a lot of jumping around and also gets the bonus armor that other Dragons sometimes get. At level 21 this means you will be fighting her a LONG time. I brought Health potions, regen potions and healing grenades for this fight. She will also fly and shoot the Ice balls down, this is a good time to heal up if you need to. On top of the Ice balls she will do a strafing run and breath Ice breath down so don’t get under her. To my surprise at about 50% hp she roared and stunned me while calling babies. Have the tank stay on her while you kill the adds. She did this three times but I was able to charge my focus off it. After the third time I was able to bring her down finally.

Emprise Du Lion Highland Ravager – This is the last Dragon for the quest “Breeding Grounds”. Go around the tower so you don’t have to drop into the fight with low Hp. This is a lvl 23 Dragon and you better be ready for a fight. I would charge your focus before you start this fight to make it a bit easier. This is a fire Dragon.

She starts of sleeping so use your Tank to get the agro right away. She jumps around alot but when she jumps she does a spin attack so avoid it if you can. A new move you will see is a circle of fire that appears under you. You have about 3 seconds to get out of that before it blows up on you. She also does the armor and wing flap moves. She will roar and call allies like the last Dragon as ell. This is a good time to charge your focus again.

Hissing Wastes Sandy Howler – (Thanks to Nicolas for helping me find it!) Start the the Sand Crags Camp in the area and head east. Eventually you will run into some Wyverns and a small path that leads between the mountain. Follow that path and on the other side you will see her. She was level 20 for me and started off sleeping. Use this time to get agro on your tank and do some do as much damage as possible. She is a fire Dragon so try to use ice when possible.

She will breath fire in at your tanks or anyone that is in front of her so put fire resistance on them. She does the wing flap which will pull your ranged in. She will do the armor buff that gives her another hp bar. She also tricked me and looked like she was going to fly and just dropped on top of me. She moved around ALOt when I was fighting her and I constantly had to keep moving my ranged characters out her way. She does roar below 50% hp and call in baby Dragons to help.

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In Dragon Age Inquisition there are 10 Dragons you can hunt and kill in the game world. They are in different areas and sometimes finding them can be tricky. This guide will help you find the Dragons and bring them down!
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