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Dragon Ball Legends Adventure Guide

Dragon Ball Legends Adventure Guide
Adventures are a valuable activity in Dragon Ball Legends. This Dragon Ball Legends Adventure Guide will explain the basics of Adventure Mode, how to ensure you always make a profit and the best units to send on each of the different Adventures available. After progressing a short way through the tutorial you will unlock Adventure Mode. This mode is vital if you are hoping to make your team stronger and better in PvP.

Dragon Ball Legends Adventure Guide

Adventure Mode is a collection of special, automated missions where you can send different members of your roster to complete adventures. They are automatic and any member of your roster can take part. In order to obtain more adventures for Adventure Mode, you need to participate in PvP. There are other methods but these are much slower and not as reliable. Don’t worry however, it’s not difficult to obtain them in PvP.

If you lose a PvP battle you obtain a single Adventure. If you win, you are awarded with two. You have access to three different adventure slots. This means you can send up to three different members of your roster on 3 unique adventures at a time. Currently, as only level 1 adventures are available, these take 30 minutes. If you can win 2-3 PvP battles in 10 minutes, you’ll have enough adventures to last an hour. They also cost 1000 Zen, but you always get more back than you spent. You also get training items, which are crucial if you want to improve the overall level of your favorite fighters.

Typically, you will succeed. I’ve yet to see a fail but I have seen Great Success, which offers much better rewards than a normal success. You are able to unlock the 4th and 5th Adventure Slot but this costs Rare Medals. These are rewards for PvP but you can also receive them for completing story challenges.

You can increase your chances of a Great Success by sending units that match the corresponding elements of the adventure. In the Adventure Mode list of adventures click the Details button. This will show you the best elements to use. Below, as an example, is a breakdown of the current adventures.

The Brilliant City – Blue or Purple
The Verdant Forest – Purple or Red
The Ferrous Plains – Red or Green
The Golden Desert – Purple or Red

Make sure to always send the elements that match if possible.

If you have any questions or some tips to share with our Dragon Ball Legends Adventure Guide readers, post a comment below.

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