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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Parallel Quests Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Parallel Quests Guide

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 brings back Parallel Quests in a big way. This time they added more and they can give you new rewards as well. Check out this Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Parallel Quests Guide to complete them all!

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Parallel Quests

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If you played the last game you should remember that these are NOT always going to work 100% of the time. Sometimes you have to grind out a quest to get a bonus objective. Also, yes, I know a lot of these are similar to the last game.

[infobox style=’success’ static=’1′] [/infobox] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’1 Star Parallel Quests’]

These unlock after you do the tutorial mission.

Being A Time Patroller – First PQ and super easy to finish. Follow the directions that Elder Kai gives you and you will get the bonus objectives as well. They are Defeant the Saibamen, Yamcha and Tien.

A Deal?! The Saiyan Brothers – You need to defeat all enemies but defeat Raditz Last for the bonus objectives. If you are successful Kid Gohan will appear and you need to defeat him as well.

World Tournament Tag Team – You might remember this one from the original Dragon Ball Xenoverse. You need to defeat Yamacha, Krillin and Tien in under 5 minutes to unlock the bonus. The bonus is defeating Piccolo and Gohan.

Prepare For The Attack Of Saiyans – Another one for the original. If you defeat all the fighters in 5 minutes, Piccolo will revive and Goku will spawn for the bonus objective.

Saiyan Blood – You will be facing Piccolo and Goku in this fight. If you keep Raditz’s HP over 50% they will revive after you defeat them for the bonus objective.

Saibamens Revenge – This one can be a bit challenging without help. You need to defeat all the Saibamen in under 5 minutes. To do this we split up and took them out in different areas to clear them quicker. If you are successful Nappa will spawn as a bonus objective.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’2 Star Parallel Quests’]

The second set will unlock after you do the Saiyan Saga, beat Vegeta and Nappa in the story. Another part of them is unlocked after the first part of the Namek saga is done.

Attack Of The Saiyans – This is a battle with the invading Saiyans and some Saibamen. If you defeat all the Saibamen as well as the Saiyans you can get the Bonus objective. The objective is to defeat all the revived Saiyans.

Invade Earth – This is one of those wave fights, like you beat a couple and more come in type of fights. If you beat it with Nappa surviving, which is pretty simple, Goku will revive and you need to beat him again for the bonus objective.

The Saiyan King Is who? – The Objective is defeat all the enemies with Vegeta keeping over 50% of his HP. If you do this the Bonus will happen and you will have to defeat Great Ape Nappa. You can do it normally or grab the tail when his Stamina is depleted, whichever is easier for you.

Saiyan Survivors – Pretty simple mission, defeat all enemies. If you beat everyone in 5 minutes you will get the bonus objective to kill Gohan and Piccolo.

Simian Battlefront – This one is new. You have a few enemies to beat here but the important part is to defeat Great Ape Vegeta last. If you do this the bonus will pop and you will have to face Turles. Reduce his HP to 50% and you will beat the mission.

Gotta Find That Dragon Ball – An annoying Dragon Ball mission, I really dislike these. Defeat all the enemies before turning in the Dragon Balls for a chance at the bonus.

Defeat Friezas Army – This is a mission to beat a bunch of Frieza’s Henchmen. If you can do it in 10 minutes, part of the Ginyu force will spawn as a bonus fight.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’3 Star Parallel Quests’] These open up during the Frieza Saga and after you clear it.
Ginyu And The Fruit – This is a mission to defeat the whole Ginyu force. After about a minute, Turles comes and powers them up. If you can beat them in 10 minutes then you will get the bonus which is facing Turles and Vegeta. Also, be careful with defeating a member before Turles spawns, I didn’t get the bonus when that happened.

Force Entrance Exam – Another Ginyu force mission. This time you have to defeat a few members with Guldo at your side. If you can keep Guldo’s HP above 50% then you will have to face Ginyu, revived Jeice and Recoome.

Fierce Battle Ginyu Force – I remember doing this one for Dragon Balls in the first so this is the same. Beat everyone in 5 minutes and Frieza will spawn along with a Revived Ginyu.

Frieza! Show Yourself! – Here you have to defeat 20 of Frieza’s underlings and if you clear it with 10 minutes left Frieza will spawn. Beat him to get the bonus objective for the mission.

Tri-Race Coop – Defeat Piccolo, Krillin and Vegeta. Do it in under 5 minutes for the bonus objective.

Dragon Ball Brawl – A recover the Dragon Balls mission. Kill all the enemies before recovering the Dragon balls to unlock the bonus for this mission.

The Explosion Of Namek – One you should remember from the first game. Defeat Frieza in under 3 minutes to spawn a Time Patroller guy as the bonus objective.

Super Saiyan Legend – This one has you defeating Frieza in all his forms. My guess is beat it in under 5 minutes for the bonus but I haven’t done it yet.

The Emperor’s Brother – Defeat Cooler is the main objective and beating him in under 5 minutes is the bonus.

Clash Of Kin! – Defeat Goku is the main mission and clear the mission in 5 minutes is the bonus objective. Turles and Slug will spawn if you are successful.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’4 Star Parallel Quests’] These open up during and after the Cell Saga.

The Androids Attack – Defeat all the androids and keep Cells health above 50% to get the bonus which is facing Piccolo.

Challenger Hercule – Another mission where you need to keep the NPC above 50% hp. If you keep Hercule’s HP above 50% then you will have to face a revived Vegeta.

Let’s Train – You will need to defeat 8 warriors, haven’t got the bonus for this one yet.

Multiple Cell Jr Hunt – Defeat 7 Cell Juniors for victory, do it under 5 minutes to face Cell for the bonus objective.

Earth In Danger – Defeat all the enemies and Cell in this mission for the bonus objective.

Return Of Ginyu Force – Defeat the Ginyu Force in under 5 minutes and Frieza will spawn for the bonus objective.

Miscalculations In Time – Here you face another random Time Patroller. If you beat them, while keeping cell’s HP above 50%, Gohan will spawn as the bonus objective.

The Cell Games Begin – At the end of this mission you will have to face Piccolo, Gohan and Goku. If you beat Goku and Piccolo first, Gohan will go Super Saiyan 2 and you will unlock the bonus objective.

Clash Perfect Cell – You will face Cell and some Cell Jrs. Beat all of them in under 3 minutes and you will get the bonus objective.

Power Teams – You will go from area to area taking ont eams of two in this mission. If you beat everyone in 10 minutes, Gohan and Cell will spawn for the bonus objective.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’5 Star Parallel Quests’] These open up during and after the Future and Buu Saga.

The Future Warriors – Here you will face quite a few enemies for a mission. If you can clean them all out in 8 minutes you will face Future Gohan and Future Trunks as a bonus objective.

Warriors Annihilation – Future Chapters – Anoter large scale battle, clear with 17 and 18 surviving for the bonus objective. Trunks will come in if you get the bonus.

Artificial Warriors – This is a battle with Cell and the Androids. When the Cell Jrs spawn, kill them to get the bonus objective which is facing Cell and the Androids revived.

Change The Future – Another Android battle but you have Future Gohan with you. If you can keep his HP above 50%, you will get a bonus objective to face Cell.

Dragon Balls Of the Future – A dragon ball collection mission. Just like the others, clear the enemies out for the bonus objective.

Take Back The Dragon Balls – Back to back Dragon Ball collection missions, bad design IMO. Kill the mini Cells and then collect the Dragon Balls for the bonus.

16 Of The Official History – This is a battle with a few fighters and you have AI 16 on your team. If you keep him alive, the bonus objective will spawn and you will face Cell.

Daddy Don’t Die – This is battle against Buu and Broly and you have Vegeta AI on your team. If you clear the battle with Vegeta over 50% HP left, Broly will come back for the bonus objective.

2nd World Tournament Tag Team – Another Tournament match but this time against 18, Goten and Trunks. If you can win in under 5 minutes you face Hercule and I think Gotenks for the bonus.

Namek Berserker – A Namek battle with Goten, Gohan and Piccolo. Winning in under 5 minutes will have Nail spawn and Piccolo comes back for the bonus objective.

Majin Chaos – Really recommend doing this one online. You have to kill 30 small Buus and it is a nightmare solo. If you clear it in 10 minutes you will face Majin Buu and Super Buu as the bonus.

Great Saiyaman Is Here – A battle with a few of the key enemies in the series. If you defeat Cell with Saiyaman still alive then you will have to face a stronger Cell and Frieza.

Super Saiyan Bargain Sale – This is a massive battle with most os the Saiyan team. If oyu can win in under 5 minutes you will face Goku and Gotenks in SSJ3 form as the bonus.
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’6 Star Parallel Quests’] Some of these also open after the Buu Saga and after the story is finished.

The Fist Of Justice – This is a long match, but the enemies are weak. If you kill all the Saibamen, the bonus objective will pop which is facing Majin Buu.

Majin Revival – Another battle where you clear enemies until the last guy. If you can get to Hercule, and beat him, with Buu over 50% you get the bonus.

Tag With Gotenks – Another return mission, and a crappy one at that. I did this with a friend so we could cover double the ground. Chase Gotenks around and if oyu can clear it in 5 minutes you will face Super Buu as the bonus.

Hercule Is Number 1 – This one is actually pretty funny. You face Hercule but he is super strong. If you can clear him in 5 minutes he will come back to life even stronger for the bonus objective.

Hell Is A Picture? – A battle with Kid Buu and Janemba. You need to Fuse Goku and Vegeta in order to get the bonus. I think it’s just a time based mechanic, let their dialogue go through and they will fuse.

Majin Banquet – A battle with all the Buus. If you clear it in 5 minutes you will face the Revived Buus and Hercule as a bonus.

Potara Warrior – Another battle with a few different warriors that ends with Vegito. If you can keep Super Buu’s HP above 50%, you will face Super Vegito as a bonus.

Blast The Super Spirit Bomb – This is a mission where you need to protect Goku as he charges the Spirit Bomb. If you can defeat Kid Buu with Majin Buu surviving you will get the bonus.

The Cell Games Continued – This is actually a pretty long battle. You have to face a few lower tier enemies and eventually face Gohan, Piccolo and Videl. Defeat Videl and Piccolo first for the bonus objective. You need to beat Gohan with Cell alive to win the bonus.

Frieza’s Nightmare Returns – A battle with the Buus and Fused Saiyans. If you defeat Gotenks before Vegito then you will get the bonus which is fighting Super Vegito and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks.

Appetite For Destruction – A battle with Beerus and Whis, beat Whis first for the bonus.

Beerus The Impulsive – This is a battle with most of the key enemies in the series. If you can win the battle in 8 minutes, Beerus will spawn as the Bonus.

The New Warriors – A battle with Gohan, Goten and Trunks. If you beat all of them in 8 minutes you will get a bonus to face Vegeta and Goku.

Stop Beerus’ Destruction – Still need to find the bonus for this one.

God Of Destruction And His Master – This is from the last game. Defeat Beerus and Whis in under 5 minutes and Beerus will respawn as the bous.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’7 Star Parallel Quests’] These unlock after you finish the story.

Things Are Getting Serious – This is a battle with all Cooler’s forms. If you can beat all of them in udner 8 minutes, you will face Golden Frieza and Metal Cooler as the bonus objective.

First Training – This is a battle with all the Frieza forms. Do it in 5 minutes and Frieza jumps to your team and you face new enemies. defeat them with Frieza still alive to win the mission.

Room To Spare – Another one I would do online, just because it can be a grind solo. If you can win all the fights with Whis still alive, Beerus will spawn as the bonus objective.

Eternal Rival – We are getting into the territory of playing online for help. You face multiple forms of Vegeta and Goku during this battle. I think it was beating Super Saiyan Gogeta made their Super Saiyan 4 Versions spawn. This is the first bonus, after beating them SSGSS version comes into play and beating that, wins you the match.

Parent And Child – A match with the parents and children, like Vegeta and Trunks. If you can beat everyone in under 10 minutes the bonus will pop.

Wake Up – Another massive battle with a bunch of Saiyans. If you can beat all of them in 9 minutes then you will face Gogeta as a bonus.

Ultimate Brotherly Battle – Most battles at rank 7 will involve a lot of fighters and this is no exception. If you can beat everyone in 8 minutes, Golden Frieza and Metal Cooler will spawn as a bonus.

Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never rest – Another Dragon Ball collection one. Collect one, Broly spawns, take him down, collect the rest of the Dragon Balls and the bonus will pop up.

Saiyan Warriors – From the name I’m sure you can guess what you are fighting here. If you can beat all of them in 10 minutes, Broly, Vegito and Gotens will spawn as bonus fighters.

Yamcha Number 1 – Don’t underestimate this one, Yamcha gets strong. The first part is pretty easy, beat Yamcha in under 5 minutes. If you do that, he will go dark form and gets some crazy damage and defenses. Beating him is the bonus objective.

Evil Seeks Dragon Balls Yet Again – Dragon Balls, again. Defeat the enemies, collect a couple Dragon Balls, defeat the enemies that spawn after, collect the rest and the bonus will spawn.

Super Super Ultimate Series of Battles – A long battle that ends with Goku, Gohan and Vegeta. Clear all the fights in 10 minutes to get Vegito and Gotens to spawn as a bonus.

Gathering Of The Great Evil Alliance – A fight with most of the enemies in the series, win in 10 minutes for the bonus.

Revenge Of The Tuffle – Another repeat from the last game. You face Great Ape Baby and if you can beat him in 5 minutes, the bonus will spawn.

Villains Regroup – More bad guys to beat down but this time you need to do it in 5 minutes. If you win, Turles and Janemba will respawn as a bonus.

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We are updating as we go so check back soon!

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  1. PQ24 Super Sayan Legend – To get the ultimate finish you need to do the following in sequence: Kill the 9 mooks, when Frieza comes go into the spaceship (you can even though he is fighting you), in the ship go in one of the side rooms (the one without the healing pods) and recruit krillin, go outside and fight frieza, let krilling suffer his usual fate (die), goku comes and goes super sayan, fight frieza, when he goes 100% vegeta will come, defeat frieza while both goku and vegeta are alive, vegeta goes super sayan, defeat vegeta.

    Yeah, it’s the same one from the first xenoverse and it’s just as annoying here. Especialy since 100% frieza kills vegeta in a few hits if you aren’t fast enough.

    1. Pretty sure I got ultimate finish without doing this on the first time doing the quest

      Edit: nvm no I didn’t

  2. i cant do mission 44 one dragonball always spawns inside the rock and even tho it shows your exactly on it on the radar you dont pick anything up or see a dragonball in the area

  3. 6 star PQ Stop Beerus’s Destruction: To get the ultimate finish, defeat Beerus while Majin Buu is still alive. This triggers Whis to spawn. Beat him for the ultimate finish

  4. PQ 67 Power of a Super Sayan God (not listed above, is unlocked after clearing Stop Beerus’s Destruction): Defeat Super Sayan God Goku. As you beat him, he runs away until you get into space where you can finaly kill him. Do it in under 3 minutes (good luck with that) and he revives at the end. Beat him again for the ultimate finish.

  5. PQ 68 Old Rivals and Dragon Balls: dragon ball hunt in the city. Defeat Frieza, Cell and Buu before collecting the balls for the ultimate finish (4 more dragonballs spawn along with Beerus Whis and SSG Goku).

  6. PQ 31 Let’s Train – Clear with Vegeta and Gohan Tranformed – Defeat Revived Gohan. To trigger transformations, while fighting Vegeta once he reaches a certain level of health (About 70-75% of last bar) Trunks will enter, Beat Trunks first. Be careful if you have companions, if they beat Vegeta while you’re fighting Trunks you will fail the objective. When fighting Goku & Gohan, Beat Goku first, Gohan won’t transform exactly but a power up mini cutscene will occur. If you do pass the first objective Gohan will be revived when you beat him

  7. 7 Star Parallel Quest – Stop Beerus’ Destruction – Clear without any ally defeated, Whis appears as a bonus.

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