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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Monster Recruitment Guide

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Monster Recruitment Guide
You can tame and recruit monsters in DQ Builders 2. This Dragon Quest Builders 2 Monster Recruitment Guide will explain the basics of how to capture monsters, make them join your team and where you can find the different monsters you’re able to recruit.

At a certain point in the story, you cannot miss it, you are taught how to make Monster Munchies. Once you have the recipe, you can recruit monsters to join your cause. As long as you have Monster Munchies in your inventory when you defeat creatures, they will sometimes offer to join you. You will see the friend icon above their head. Simply feed them the Monster Munchies and they will join you.

Currently, it appears you can only capture monsters on Explorer Islands. We have included information on other locations just in case but so far, we have only tamed monsters on those islands.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 has a number of monsters of identical types with skin or color changes. For example, a Slime is blue whereas a She-Slime is orange.

Below is a table listing the different monsters you can recruit alongside information on their location. Further details, such as images of monsters, can be found inside the games bestiary.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Monster Recruitment Guide

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Monster NameMonster Location #1Monster Location #2
SlimeFurrowfieldIsle of Awakening
ChimaeraFurrowfieldIsle of Awakening
Hocus ChimaeraMoonbrookeExplorer's Shores (Irid)
Cosmic ChimaeraExplorer's Shores (Reef)
Muddy HandFurrowfieldIsle of Awakening
Walking CorpseFurrowfieldIsle of Awakening
Corpse CorporalMoonbrookeExplorer's Shores (Laguna)
HealslimeIsle of AwakeningExplorer's Shores
HammerhoodKhrumbul-DunExplorer's Shores (Sunny)
BrownieKhrumbul-DunExplorer's Shores
Living StatueExplorer's Shores (Reef)
Stone GuardianExplorer's Shores (Holm)
Powie YowieMoonbrookeExplorer's Shores
Killing MachineExplorer's Shores
GolemExplorer's Shores (Sands)
Great SabrecubExplorer's Shores (Blossom)
Great SabrecatExplorer's Shores (Soggy)

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