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Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge – Repair The Hammerhood’s Graveyard

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge - Repair The Hammerhood's Graveyard
Chapter 1 includes 5 unique challenges that you can complete to unlock various recipes for use in Terra Incognita mode. Alongside other challenges, like finding the 3 dragons, there’s repairing the Hammerhood’s Graveyard. This Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge – Repair The Hammerhood’s Graveyard covers every aspect of completing the side quests so you can be sure to have it checked off at the end of the chapter.

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge – Repair The Hammerhood’s Graveyard

The quest tasks you with helping a Hammerhood win a gardening competition against another Hammerhood. To begin the quest you need to head to the area you fought the Iron Scorpion. Head South West of that point, over the mountain, and you should see two small gardens in the green area below.

Once you’ve spoken to the Hammerhood you’ll need to learn to create a shovel. You have to head through the Red Teleportal to Damdara for this. Once there find some iron and return to create an Iron Bar, this will unlock the recipe for how to make a shovel. Now come’s the tough bit. The Hammerhood wants you to create an exact copy of his opponents garden. To do that you will need to gather some flowers. Some of the flowers you need are already in the garden so we’ll count those as found, then you just need:

  • Milkblossom (Light blue flower) x3 – You can find these outside of the Castle, East side
  • Medicinal Shrub (The plant that has the Medicinal Herb) – There’s a large collection of these just outside of the castle on the East side.
  • Sandwort Plant (Darker grass) – This grass can be found throughout Damdara (the desert region)
  • Cactus x2 – You need to build your own cactus to match the other Hammerhoods. You collect Cactus Crown (the top) from the short Cacti and the trunk from the larger ones, use your spade.
  • Prickly Peach Cactus x1 – These are the small circular Cacti found throughout the Damdara region
  • Don’t forget to use the plants already in place. There’s also a Coralily (the purple flower) directly behind the garden.

Be sure to speak with the other Hammerhood after you complete the quest to get the Hammerton Hothouse Blueprint. Move on to your next chapter 1 challenge, have you killed the 3 dragons yet?

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