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Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge – Where To Find 3 Dragons

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge - Where To Find 3 Dragons
Every Chapter in Dragon Quest Builders includes a number of challenges that you can complete before progressing to the next chapter. This Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge – Where To Find 3 Dragons will focus on the challenge that asks you to find and kill 3 Dragons in the first chapter of the game.

The dragons are quite powerful so I don’t advise you do this too early on. I had Steel weaponry, Full Plate armor and some Wrecking Ball’s for good measure. It’s possible to do it earlier on as the dragon attacks are quite predictable and easy to dodge but it’s far less challenging with higher end gear. The Wrecking Ball’s doing 100+ damage a time. Bring 10-20 of these for each dragon and you’ll have them down no problem.

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 1 Challenge – Where To Find 3 Dragons

Where To Find The First Dragon
Head South-West of your turn. You’ll see a large pillar, with a chest on top. Run straight past that and up the mountain. Just over the mountain to the West you’ll see the Dragon laying down in a large grass area.

Where To Find The Second Dragon
To find the second dragon you need to travel to the area using the Blue Teleporter. When you arrive head South West, continue past the area where you originally fought the Iron Scorpion. Climb the mountain as if you were going towards the castle. When you see the castle do not drop down. Instead continue to follow the mountains to the North West. It is behind the castle, on the North West side on top of the mountains.

Where To Find The Third Dragon
The final dragon can be found inside the desert area, through the Red Teleportal. Once inside you want to head almost exactly North West. Keep going until you reach the water, walk to the other side and climb the high grassy bit ahead of you. Then continue atop the mounts to the North West. As you reach the drop down area with a large green area and lost of trees, turn to the North. The dragon can be found sleeping in this area. Use the overhead view if you don’t see it straight away.

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