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Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 Challenge Guide – Where To Find And Complete Thalamus’s Puzzles

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 Challenge Guide - Where To Find And Complete Thalamus's Puzzles
As with Chapter 1, Chapter 2 in Dragon Quest Builders has 5 unique challenges you can complete to unlock new recipes and exciting items. This Dragon Quest Chapter 2 Challenge guide focuses on the Thalamus’s Puzzles challenges, telling you where to find each puzzle as well as the information required to solve it.

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 Challenge Guide – Where To Find And Complete Thalamus’s Puzzles

Puzzle #1 – Area 1
Head South from your village. Keep heading South and eventually, you’ll see a small castle like structure, inside is the puzzle. It’s West up the mountains from the platform where the Defiler spawned. All you have to do is create items using the nearby workbench to make both rooms identical.

This puzzle is very straight forward. Simply create the items to match the room on the left.

Puzzle #2 – Red Teleportal
In the Red Teleportal Area way to the East. Head North first to the castle area, proceed East over the mountains right down to the edge. You’ll see a small castle like structure surrounded by poison water. There’s a puzzle:

The time is now twixt morn and noon, or early in the night. Advance the hours to a time twixt noon and eventide or early in the morn.

To solve the puzzle simply change the time on the stones in front to 3. So move the 4 blocks pointing left to point right.

Puzzle #3 – Blue Teleportal
Once you are through the Blue Portal follow the edge of the area all the way far to the West. It’s quite a walk, right in the North West corner of the area. There’s a puzzle here.

Before thee lieth an incomplete sequence of evolution. Make proof of they wisdom, and complete the sequence

All you need to solve the puzzle is a Palm Seedling, and place it on the soil. You can get it outside. Chop down a tree and then chop down the trunk.

Puzzle #4 – Green Teleportal
Travel through the Green Teleportal and travel far to the South East. Eventually you’ll reach some battlements with a Ballista resting on top. From there follow the grass area round to the North West. Eventually you’ll find a castle like building with the final puzzle. You need the White Block, Blue Block and Red Block from the previous puzzles. Simply place them in the holes in that order.

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