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Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide
Chapter 2 of Dragon Quest Builders takes place in the diseased Rimuldar. Much like the previous Chapter, Chapter 2 is filled with hidden quests and juicy rewards. This Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide will cover all of the quests you’ll encounter while exploring Rimuldar including hidden quests, rewards and other information relating to progressing on your journey to the next Chapter.

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Elle Side Quests Chapter 2′]

Elle Side Quest 1
Quest: Craft Healing Cream
Quest Guide: Grab 3 White Petals from nearby flowers. The flowers you need only grow in grassy areas so search to the East to find some.
Reward: 10x Broken Branch

Elle Side Quest 2
Quest: Build a Sickroom
Quest Guide: All of the materials required are nearby. Can use the campfire at the base to save some time.
Reward: 10x Broken Branch

Elle Side Quest 3
Quest: Find the ill man
Quest Guide: Head to the objective marked Q on your compass. You can travel through the water on this map, although it does damage. Don’t jump through it as you’ll suffer more damage than you would just walking. Pick up Nosh and carry him back to town before placing him in one of the Sickroom beds. You’ll lose around 10hp on the journey back.
Reward: Strong Stalks x5

Elle Side Quest 4
Quest: Heal Nosh
Quest Guide: Make 1 Medicinal Pouch and then use it on Nosh. If you need the herbs check the grassy areas to the South
Reward: 10x Broken Branch

Elle Side Quest 5
Quest: Find Gerontius
Quest Guide: If you want to save time bring a Carpenter’s Workstation, 3x Broken Branch and 1x Cord. This saves 2 trips. Otherwise head to the Q marked on your compass. When you get there you’ll learn how to make the Wooden Memorial. Loot the chest and use the Chimaera Wing to return to town to build the Wooden Memorial.
Reward: Seed of Life x1, White Petals x5

Elle Side Quest 6
Quest: Find the next patient
Quest Guide: Head to the objective marker, pick up the patient and bring her back to a bed in the Sickroom. You need to find Butterbeans to heal her. Continue with Gerontius’ quest until you reach the Defiler. Just South on the high platform with greenery on top, there’s Butterbeans there.

After giving the patient the cooked Butterbeans she will need an Antidotal Herb. You must have completed Gerontius’ Heart of Darkness to make the Antidotal Herb.
Reward: Chimaera Wing x5

Elle Side Quest 7
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Kill the monsters attacking the town
Reward: Blue Teleportal

Elle Side Quest 8
Quest: Find the next two patients
Quest Guide: As soon as you travel through the Blue Teleportal you’ll see Irvyn on the other side. Carry him back through the Teleportal to the village and place him in the Infirmary. Head back in to the next objective marker and you’ll a signpost near a small stone structure. Smash the ground to find Jacob stuck in paralyzing plants. There’s another sign inside, showing the way out. Smash the wall to the South and carry Jacob back to town.

To cure both you need to get Fresh Water and a Tingle Tablet. Fresh Water can be found in the corner of town by the blue crystal that creates water. Use a bucket to scoop it up. First you need to build The Watering Hole. Check Casey’s side quest for information on that. The Tingle Tablet needs Cod. If you head through the Blue Teleportal and head to the prickly area with all the paralyzing plants, fish deep in there. It’s a 50% catch rate for Sardine & Cod during the day but appears to be 100% Cod at night. You get Paralystinger’s from the Killerpillar’s.

Reward: Seed of Life x1

Elle Side Quest 9
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Slay the monsters attacking the town
Reward: Red Teleportal

Elle Side Quest 10
Quest: Rescue 2 more patients
Quest Guide: Head to the first quest marker to the North and you’ll come across Hazel buried underground with 2 tree enemies stalking her. I suggest going in once you’ve got the Iron Sword. If you haven’t got any Rusty Nuggets yet, travel further North to find some skeletons. Pick her up and walk all the way back South East. Give her the Sardine-on-a-stick and then she’ll want fries. You need to have the Brick Barbecue made in the kitchen. You can get potatos from the area inside the Castle in the Red Teleportal, this area is also the best place to catch Salmon for the Sauteed Salmon she wants next. Finally she wants a Bouillabaisse which is easy except for maybe Wheat. If you haven’t found Wheat yet head through the Red Teleportal and check the cliffs up behind you.

The second NPC you have to rescue wasn’t actually marked on my map, but Mildred is easy enough to find. Head through the Red Teleportal and follow the waterway North. Take your first right and Mildred is sitting in some ruins. Mildred wants Cooked Crab Claw, A Baguette and a Super Salad.

Reward: Seed of Life x2, Medicinal Herb x5

Elle Side Quest 11
Quest: Defend the village
Quest Guide: Kill the enemies attacking the village. After you finish the enemies off you need to sleep to progress with the story.
Reward: Medicinal Herb x5

Elle Side Quest 12
Quest: Check the patients
Quest Guide: Speak with Elle and she’ll ask you to find Gerontius. He’s in town. Speak with him and you’ll have to speak with the patients, who turn into zombies and attack you.
Reward: N/A

Elle Side Quest 12
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Kill the monsters attacking the town
Reward: Green Teleportal

Elle Side Quest 13
Quest: Build the Staff of Rain
Quest Guide: After you kill the condor, build the staff of rain
Reward: Completion of Chapter 2
[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Gerontius Side Quests Chapter 2′]

Gerontius Side Quest 1
Quest: Build Gerontius a Laboratory
Quest Guide: The ingredients are all pretty basic. If you’re low on clay do Elle’s Side Quest 6. Right next to the patient is a bit of clay at the bottom of the raised area.
Reward: Blue Goo x10

Gerontius Side Quest 2
Quest: Retrieve the Heart of Darkness
Quest Guide: Head to the quest marker to kill the Defiler. When you get near the island it spawns and fires poisonous spells at you. Head straight for the platform it’s sitting on and just run behind it whenever it charges. It’s not a difficult fight. Bring plenty of healing items as the poison damage can hurt and you have to cross poisonous water to get there.
Reward: Medicinal Herb x5

Gerontius Side Quest 3
Quest: Raise town level to level 2
Quest Guide: Build items to raise the town level to level 2. I built a Fancy Bedroom with 2x Simple Beds, Torch and a door.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Gerontius Side Quest 4
Quest: Find the cause of the paralytic disease
Quest Guide: Head to the quest marker to slay the King Killerpillar. There’s a small area clear of grass covered in dirt with large holes. Destroy the large holes while dealing with the smaller Killerpillar to summon the king. Kill it to complete the quest.
Reward: Seed of Life x1, Tingle Tablet Recipe, Full Moon Ring

Gerontius Side Quest 5
Quest: Reach level 3 with your town
Quest Guide: You need to have given all patients the items they need before this quest becomes available. As before make sure you have a Pot Chamber on the go and use the Block Modifiers to change floor and wall panels to wood.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Gerontius Side Quest 6
Quest: Obtain the Farmer Sutra
Quest Guide: Head to the quest objective marker and fight the Lunatic. Very easy fight. Jump to dodge before he attacks.
Reward: Chimaera Wing x5

Gerontius Side Quest 7
Quest: Build the Veggie Patch
Quest Guide: Follow the instructions to build the veggie patch. Only one I was missing was Wheat. Where to find Wheat in Chapter 2, head through the Red Teleportal and check the cliffs up behind you.
Reward: Potato Sprout x5

Gerontius Side Quest 8
Quest: Find Illius
Quest Guide: Head through the Red Teleportal and head towards the quest objective. Speak with Illius and then use the note Gerontius gave you. Careful when you do as Illius will turn into a boss zombie and summon several smaller zombies. Get ready for a quick retreat or it can be a difficult battle if cornered inside
Reward: N/A

Gerontius Side Quest 9
Quest: Improve town level to 40
Quest Guide: I’d already got 4 by this point but same previous strategy applies. Get those pots out, make sure you upgrade all dirt to other materials
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Gerontius Side Quest 10
Quest: Locate the Transmutation Table
Quest Guide: Head through the Green Teleportal and head towards the quest objective. Quite straightforward, look for the large, tall structure and climb the vines to speak with Thalamus.
Reward: Seed of Life x1, Divine Draught recipe

Gerontius Side Quest 11
Quest: Find the vault
Quest Guide: This can be quite tricky to find. There is a dragon to fight so make sure you’re prepared for a battle. If you have any Divine Daggers, 20 is enough to kill the dragon and you can do it out of his attack range.

Head through the Green Teleportal, making sure to bring a key to open the door and a spade to collect the plant. Head to the quest marker on your compass. This will take you to the top of a mountain very close to the world tree. If you run around the mountain you’ll notice the Q appears to be below you as it moves very quickly. Check the South side of the top of the mountain, it’s easier to spot at night as there’s a torch lighting the entrance way. It’s on the mountains West of the World Tree, use your overhead view and you should spot the torches.
Reward: 1x Seed of Life, Holyhock Seed recipe

Gerontius Side Quest 12
Quest: Get more Holyhock Plants
Quest Guide: Make some Holyhock seeds at the Herbalist’s Cauldron. Plant the two seeds in your garden and then sleep overnight to have them grow. You need to create the Alchemists Laboratory to craft the item you need. Craft the Divine Draught and give it to Elle
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Gerontius Side Quest 13
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Defeat the monsters attacking the town
Reward: 5x Antidotal Herb

Gerontius Side Quest 14
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Defeat the monsters attacking the town
Reward: 5x Tingle Tablets

Gerontius Side Quest 15
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Defeat the monsters attacking the town. This was the first place I was able to fine Barewolf fur which is used for the Chain Mail so be sure to grab that.
Reward: 5x Medicinal Herb

Gerontius Side Quest 16
Quest: The Final Battle
Quest Guide: You need to defeat the Hades Condor. This isn’t a very difficult fight but it’s a long one. Make sure you have the Falcon Blade and Chain Mail, accessories help as you’ll be hit with poison, paralyze and confuse. As with The Golem boss fight you’ll fight alone and anything outside of your town parameters is removed.

You’ll want a minimum of 2 Ballista’s and some dirt. When the Hades Condor spawns you’ll notice a path created through the poison, this is where most of your battle will take place. You need to build the 2 Ballista’s 3 high, so on top of 2 high stacks of dirt, aimed at where the Condor spawns. He has several abilities. Summoning allies, simply chop them down. A large green AoE, a real pain that can destroy your Ballista’s, a tornado that throws you around the area and a paralyze blast.

It’s a battle of attrition really. Bring plenty of healing items. Whenever it says he is resting his wings, use both Ballista’s to take him down. During the other waves stand away from the Ballista’s to protect them from the AoE attack and wipe out the additional enemies.

Reward: Storm Stone

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Nosh Side Quests Chapter 2′]

Nosh Side Quest 1
Quest: Learn to make a fishing rod for Nosh
Quest Guide: Head to the objective marker and speak with the Bodkin and the ruins on the edge of the water. Fix up his walls and he’ll teach you how to make a fishing rod. You need to block all the holes, including the “doorway” you used to enter.
Reward: Medicinal Herb x3

Nosh Side Quest 2
Quest: Catch some fish for Nosh
Quest Guide: Catch 5 Sardines. Head through the Blue Teleportal and use the small body of water on the other side
Reward: 10x Orange Oil

Nosh Side Quest 3
Quest: Build Nosh’s Kitchen
Quest Guide: Place down the blueprint and build the Cafeteria. Ingredients are all common so you shouldn’t have a problem putting it together.
Reward: Orange Oil x10

Nosh Side Quest 4
Quest: Build a Brick Barbecue for Nosh
Quest Guide:
Reward: Orange Oil x10

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Casey Side Quests Chapter 2′]

Casey Side Quest 1
Quest: Casey has to be cured to get this quest. (The patient with the green hat). Build a waterhole.
Quest Guide: You need 10 blocks of water, a comfy stall, a washtub, two pots and a chest. The materials are easy to find but the water was puzzling at first. If you check the corner of town there is a small blue cube. This is a Water Crystal. This behaves as a source of water when placed 1 tile lower than ground level. Use this to make your body of 10 water. Then simply build the room as required as normal.
Reward: 5x Palm Lumber

Casey Side Quest 2
Quest: Build a Filter Fountain
Quest Guide: This becomes available after you obtain the Red Teleportal. It’s a basic recipe although I was missing Stones and Pumice Pieces. Simply head through the Blue Portal and use a hammer on the black rocks for stone, the smaller white rocks for Pumice Pieces.
Reward: 10x Palm Lumber

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Mildred Side Quests Chater 2′]

Casey Side Quest 1
Quest: Build a Ballista
Quest Guide: This quest is only available after you kill the patients that turn into zombies. Simply make the Ballista on the crafting bench, all basic materials.
Reward: 5x Medicinal Herb

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Hazel Side Quests Chater 2′]

Hazel Side Quest 1
Quest: Silver Hunt
Quest Guide: You need to find 5 hunks of silver. I already had it by this point. Check the Red Teleportal near the start for blocks with ore inside. Make sure to create the Liquid Silver straight after the quest as you unlock recipes for new armor and how to make keys for the locked doors throughout chapter 2.
Reward: Seed of Life x1, Liquid Silver recipe.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Chapter 2 Hidden Side Quests’]

Hidden Side Quest 1
Quest: Solve The Puzzle
Quest Guide: Head South from your village. Keep heading South and eventually you’ll see a small castle like structure, inside is the puzzle. It’s West up the mountains from the platform where the Defiler spawned. All you have to do is create items using the nearby workbench to make both rooms identical.
Reward: Stone Axe, White Block

Hidden Side Quest 2
Quest: Solve The Puzzle
Quest Guide: Once you are through the Blue Portal follow the edge of the area all the way far to the West. It’s quite a walk, right in the North West corner of the area. There’s a puzzle here.

Before thee lieth an incomplete sequence of evolution. Make proof of they wisdom, and complete the sequence

All you need to solve the puzzle is a Palm Seedling, and place it on the soil. You can get it outside. Chop down a tree and then chop down the trunk.
Reward: 1x Gold, 1x Blue Block

Hidden Side Quest 3
Quest: Help the wolves
Quest Guide: A short distance South West from the Hidden Side Quest 1 room is a large castle like structure with a group of Tearwolf inside. Head inside and speak to the leader of the Dojo, he will teach you the Defuddle Drops recipe and ask you to make some. You can get the Confusing Claw from the purple wolves outside. Make some Defuddle Drops and return them to the Tearwolf.
Reward: Ring of Clarity

Hidden Side Quest 4
Quest: Repair the roof
Quest Guide: Directly East of the Tearwolf dojo is a large house. It has a damaged roof. On the East side of the house is a ladder that leads up to a platform with two chests. Build a pillar to reach the ladder and open the Treasure Chest to begin the quest. Simply place the roof tiles in the appropriate spots to complete the quest.
Reward: Roof Tile Recipes

Hidden Side Quest 5
Quest: Aid the Bodkin
Quest Guide: Head through the Blue Teleportal and then travel to the South until you reach the large wooded area with the paralyzing plants everywhere. There are 3 structures here, tree-house like things, with Bodkin inside. You need 3 Tingle Tablets (you learn during the story quests) to heal all 3 Bodkin and get each of the rewards.
Reward: Seed of Life x1, 50 Throwing Stones, Gold

Hidden Side Quest 6
Quest: Tribute To A Missing Maker Blueprint
Quest Guide: Enter the Red Teleportal and follow the Northern waterway. Once you get to the mouth of the river continue North until you see some castle walls. Enter through the gate, past the barricades and take a left, heading North West. You’ll see a stone structure supported by several pillars. Head to that location and inspect large suit of armor for a blueprint. The materials are all basic, although Milkblossom may not be in your bank. Search the area the other side of the Blue Portal, plenty there.
Reward: Unlocks Graveyard blueprint

Hidden Side Quest 7
Quest: Aid The Bodkin 2
Quest Guide: This quest can be found at the very Northern edge of the Red Teleportal area. As you enter follow the Northern waterway. Once you get to the mouth of the river continue North until you see some castle walls. Enter through the gate, past the barricades. Once inside there is a tall structure with a ladder to the North East. Climb the ladder to find a Bodkin inside. He wants you to put a fire underneath the area where he is storing his food.
Reward: 10x Butterbeans, 10x Potatos,

Hidden Side Quest 8
Quest: Aid The Bodkin 3
Quest Guide: This is in a very similar place to Hidden Side Quest 3. Instead of turning North East, go North West to a similar structure. The Bodkin inside wants a Potato Seed. You cannot get these until you get the Farmer Sutra from a quest from Gerontius.
Reward: 6x Rusty Nuggets

Hidden Side Quest 9
Quest: Solve The Puzzle
Quest Guide: In the Red Teleportal Area way to the East. Head North first to the castle area, proceed East over the mountains right down to the edge. You’ll see a small castle like structure surrounded by poison water. There’s a puzzle:

The time is now twixt morn and noon, or early in the night. Advance the hours to a time twixt noon and eventide or early in the morn.

To solve the puzzle simply change the time on the stones in front to 3. So move the 4 blocks pointing left to point right.

Reward: 2x Evil Idol, 1x Red Block

Hidden Side Quest 10
Quest: Solve The Puzzle
Quest Guide: Travel through the Green Teleportal and travel far to the South East. Eventually you’ll reach some battlements with a Ballista resting on top. From there follow the grass area round to the North West. Eventually you’ll find a castle like building with the final puzzle. You need the White Block, Blue Block and Red Block from the previous puzzles. Simply place them in the holes in that order.
Reward: Catholicon Ring recipe (protects against all status ailments)

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If you need help with the boss fight check our guide on how to kill the Hades Condor. Once you’ve done all of the quests, head North to the next pillar of light to move on to Chapter 3.

If you want to complete all of the challenges check out our How To Repair Ruined Roof, Thalamus’s Puzzles and Crown Goowels guides.

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  1. There is a small error with the guide. Hidden side quest 3 says to go south west from hidden side quest 1, but it would be from hidden side quest 2.

  2. For the vault dragon, just bring some evil idols. If you haven’t done the Thalamus puzzle that gives them, you can loot a pair from the wolf dojo. The dragon can’t go anywhere and will easily be roasted to death.

  3. I need some help!!! I have some issues with Elle Side Quest 8!!!! I’ve bring them to the sickroom and I gave them what they need exactly. I was able to cure Jacob and bring another one in the sickroom but it looks like that I can’t heal them. One of them always saying ”It’s so itchy….!” and Edsel says ” I c-c-can’t…m-m-move…” I really need some help and because I’m stuck with this quest, I can’t do anything. Can somebody please help me??? Oh, and by the way, sorry for my english, it’s not my major language….

    1. Later after a battle all of your telportals won’t work go to sleep and they will all turn into zombies you can’t save the npcs with red bars

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