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Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide
Chapter 2 of Dragon Quest Builders takes place in the diseased Rimuldar. Much like the previous Chapter, Chapter 2 is filled with hidden quests and juicy rewards. This Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide will cover all of the quests you’ll encounter while exploring Rimuldar including hidden quests, rewards and other information relating to progressing on your journey to the next Chapter.

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 2 (Rimuldar) Side Quest Guide

Elle Side Quests Chapter 2
Gerontius Side Quests Chapter 2
Nosh Side Quests Chapter 2
Casey Side Quests Chapter 2
Mildred Side Quests Chater 2
Hazel Side Quests Chater 2
Chapter 2 Hidden Side Quests


If you need help with the boss fight check our guide on how to kill the Hades Condor. Once you’ve done all of the quests, head North to the next pillar of light to move on to Chapter 3.

If you want to complete all of the challenges check out our How To Repair Ruined Roof, Thalamus’s Puzzles and Crown Goowels guides.

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