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Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 3 Challenge Guide – Build The Superior Spa

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 3 Challenge Guide - Build The Superior Spa
Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 3 provides yet more rewarding challenges to complete once you’ve gone through the story once or twice. This Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 3 Challenge Guide – Build The Superior Spa will tell you how to build the Superior Spa and where to find the blueprint.

Dragon Quest Builders Chapter 3 Challenge Guide – How To Build The Superior Spa

The Superior Spa is not a room recipe that you can create simply by placing the correct items in a room, you need the actual blueprint to place down and then match piece by piece. The Spectacular Spa blueprint can be found within the Green Teleportal area. Once through the Green Teleportal area head South over the mountains and continue South. You’ll see a cave. Within the cave is a chest that contains the blueprints.

Once you have the blueprints you need to place it inside your base and build it. You need a LOT of materials. The majority are easily available although a couple may prove difficult to find.

Where To Find The Fierce Fountain
This one is in the Blue Teleportal area. The very, very far North East corner of the map. Past the Chalky Mountains to the cleaner water (not lava) and some greenery. It’s not far from the hidden quests where you have to build the minecart track. Fill the gap in the wall the troll is looking through to make it vanish then speak with the woman inside.

How To Make Tea Service
You first need to create Crockery and a Cake. To make the Cake you need Wheat, Sugar Cane, Heart Fruit and Dracky Butter. Sugar Cane and Heart Fruit are found throughout the Green Teleportal region. The Dracky Butter drops from a Yellow Dracky, the floating eyeball enemies, that can be found inside the Red Teleportal area. Finally, the Wheat, which can be found inside the Blue Teleportal area. Travel West up the mountain and continue across the mountain top. Eventually the snow ends and you reach a brown mountain with Wheat on top.

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