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Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Challenge – Show A Verdant Vision To A Certain Someone

Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Challenge - Show A Verdant Vision To A Certain Someone
This is one of the longest chapter challenges in all of Dragon Quest Builders, rather fitting it would be placed in the final chapter. This Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Challenge – Show A Verdant Vision To A Certain Someone will cover the challenge asking you to show a verdant vision to a certain someone with a step by step guide on how to complete the challenges. In order to complete this challenge you must have progressed through to the very end of the final chapter, completing side quests to get the Rainbow Drop.

Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Challenge – Show A Verdant Vision To A Certain Someone

Before you begin your journey to complete this final chapter challenge you need to make sure you’ve got a shovel ready to go. You need to travel to visit Giant Slime Statues around the landscape and deliver specific plants. The first can be found just South of your base in Chapter 4 and you need to bring a Milkblossom. These are readily available as long as you have some Holy Water. Use it near skulls to create Milkblossoms and then dig one up with your spade. You will need to gather 2 for the quest altogether.

With your spade and Milkblossom in hand head back through the Blue Teleportal to the island you explored when you first arrived. From that old base head directly South and climb the mountain. You’ll see the slime sitting atop. Give the Slime the Milkblossom and then speak with him again to get the Clouded Memory.

The next Slime can be found in the main area, just North West of the castle you’re building. Before you go make sure you have a Daffodaisy. These can be dropped by the She-Slimes (orange Slimes) that are located a short walk South of the castle. They drop a blossom that you must plant and then harvest with a shovel. As before make sure you grab 2 Daffodaisy’s total.After you’ve got the Daffodaisy head North West for a minute or two. You’ll see the giant rock shape of the Slime quite easily. Give the She-Slime the Daffodaisy for another Clouded Memory.

The final slime, one of the gray ones, can be found in the area the other side of the Red Teleportal. Before you head through make sure you have a Coralily, these can be found around the West/South West of the castle, dropped by the flying eyeball enemies. Again, you will need to collect an additional one of these, so two Coralily total. Head through the Red Teleportal and then travel North East to the mountains, it’s another easy one to spot. Hand over the Coralily for your final Clouded Memory.

The metal slime is found beyond the Red Teleportal on top of a peak to the North-East. It desires to see a Coralily. You can find the blossoms by killing the purple Drackies to the West of Tantegel Castle. Plant the blossom and dig it back up with your shovel. Return to the metal slime with your Coralily to receive the third and final Clouded Memory.

To save yourself some time you want to bring a Diviner’s Altar with you (make sure to bring the correct altar, it’s the blue one), along with the additional flowers you’ve gathered and the Clouded Memories. Use the Rainbow Drop to travel to the Dragonlord’s Island.

Once on the island travel South, following the path. Eventually you’ll pass two Draconic Column’s and some Brazers. Keep going South, past the gated entrance and climb the mountains there. Little to the South West and you’ll see another Slime-shaped formation up ahead. Climb to the top to speak with the King Slime. He will teach you the Verdant Vision recipe. Put down your Diviner’s Altar, make the Verdant Memory and speak to him again to complete the quest.

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