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Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Tantegel Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Tantegel Side Quest Guide
The Final Chapter of Dragon Quest Builders sees you venture into Tantegal. This Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Tantegel Side Quest Guide will cover all of the side quests you’ll come across as well as information on rewards and information to help you complete it.

Dragon Quest Builders Final Chapter Tantegel Side Quest Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] [accordion initial=’1′] [accordion_item title=’Final Chapter Introduction Quest’] There’s a short quest line before you actually arrive in Tantegel. When you first enter the Final Chapter destroy the Huge Horns nearby then follow Myrlund to the base. You also get a Green Naviglobe. Put this at the base as its location is not marked like it has been previously. Build a bucket after speaking with him and head to the quest objective. When you arrive at the objective grab some Pure Water for later in the quest and then read the book. You have to gather water 1 block from the Filter Fountain for it to be Pure Water. Before heading to the next quest objective destroy the Filter Fountain that turns normal water into Pure Water and take that with you. Head towards the next quest objective. When you reach the fire read the nearby note on the crate. Climb the mountain to the East and continue East until you reach a corpse.

Investigate the corpse before destroying the blocks ahead to unlock the Hidden Visage. Work you way through to the final room to proceed with the quest. There’s a dragon at the end but worry not, it’s not as fierce as those you’ve met previously. Destroy the Diviners Altar and bring it with you back to base.

You can place the Filter Fountain in the small body of water at the base, making it much quicker to gather. Then use the Diviners Altar to build the Holy Water speak to Myrlund and then use the Holy Water on the statue. Speak to both of the NPC’s, place the Blue Teleportal, sleep and then speak once again before you can go through the Blue Teleportal.

Once through the Blue Teleportal head West to the ruins of the castle and read the book. It tells you that the Banner of Hope for the Final Chapter has been stolen and is locked away in the ruins to the South. If you first check West of the castle you’ll see a sign post under a floating group of blocks. Use Holy Water on the blocks to remove the curse and turn the blocks into valuable ores.

Using these ores and other nearby materials you can build a forge and get at least Iron weapons and armor, making the earlier stages much easier. For Vines you need to use the Holy Water to turn them into a resource you can destroy. Head South to the large castle and go inside. Clear out the 11 enemies and loot the chests to obtain the Banner of Hope. If food is a problem build a Fishing Rod and fish in the area around the Banner of Hope flagstone at the ruined castle.

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’The Princess Side Quests Final Chapter’]

The Princess Side Quest 1
Quest: Build the old Throne Room blueprint
Quest Guide: The materials are all basic and easy to get except for the Gold. Head directly North West of the base and eventually you’ll reach a mine, there’s plenty inside.
Reward: Seed of Life x1

The Princess Side Quest 2
Quest: Locate the 3 Sages
Quest Guide: You need to complete the find the sage quests given by other members of the town.
Reward: Seed of life x1

The Princess Side Quest 3
Quest: Rebuild the Ancient Alter and craft the Rainbow Drop
Quest Guide: Build The Sanctum blueprint
Reward: Scare Root x2

The Princess Side Quest 4
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Kill the monsters attacking the town
Reward: Life Seed x1

The Princess Side Quest 5
Quest: Defend the town
Quest Guide: Kill the monsters attacking the town
Reward: Life Seed x1

The Princess Side Quest 6
Quest: The Final Battle (If you want to complete one of the challenges, do not use the Hero Shield or Aurora’s Armor)
Quest Guide: Defeat the Dragonlord. When you get to his castle, you can avoid all the enemies. Once inside destroy the blocks below you to go under the gateway with unbreakable blocks. Run past the dragon and destroy the blocks behind the throne to access the hidden staircase. I’ll avoid spoilers here but if you struggle with the end fight check out our how to defeat the Dragonlord guide.

Reward: Fin

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Myrlund Side Quests Final Chapter’]

Myrlund Side Quest 1
Quest: Build the Diviner’s Den
Quest Guide: Build Myrlund’s blueprint
Reward: Chimaera Wing x5

Myrlund Side Quest 2
Quest: Increase base level to 2
Quest Guide: With the buildings you have to put up during the quests, 2 is easily reached
Reward: Seed of life x1

Myrlund Side Quest 3
Quest: Defend the base
Quest Guide: Kill the enemies attacking the base
Reward: Red Teleportal

Myrlund Side Quest 4
Quest: Find the Sage Myrlund discovered
Quest Guide: Head through the Red Teleportal and go North East. Eventually you’ll reach the Q marker on the compass. You need to kill the nearby rock enemies so that you can make Wrecking Balls to destroy the blocks that’s trapping the NPC. When you blow up the rock His Wobbliness spawns so best to do it during the day. After you kill it speak with the smaller blue slime to get the Ancient Emblem.

Reward: Chimaera Wing x5

Myrlund Side Quest 5
Quest: Raise the base level to 3
Quest Guide: Easily done with all the rooms you can build
Reward: Seed of Life x1

Myrlund Side Quest 6
Quest: Build the Ultimate Key
Quest Guide: Craft the Ultimate Key. The ingredients are all basic except for the Float-o-Copper, which can be difficult to find. You need to head through the Red Teleportal area. There’s Trolls scattered throughout the region, kill them to get the Float-o-Copper. It’s a low drop rate so it can take a while, I had to kill about 9. Head to the quest objective marker and kill The Fallen Hero to loot the chest for the Prismatic Crystal

Reward: Seed of Life x1

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Launce Side Quests Final Chapter’]

Launce Side Quest 1
Quest: Build a Treasury
Quest Guide: You need to place 1x Colossal Coffer, 1x Chest, 2x Bold Banners and 3x Treasure Chests inside a room.
Reward: Stone x10

Launce Side Quest 2
Quest: Find the Sage Luance discovered
Quest Guide: Once you have access to the Red Teleportal head on through. On the other side head North West until you reach the swampy area with the poisonous water. From there head North to a large island. Speak with the Elle to begin the quest. Climb up the island and destroy all of the burrows. There’s a boss crab that spawns at the top when you’re done, kill that for the Staff of Rain.
Reward: Medicinal Herb x10

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Trystian Side Quests Final Chapter’]

Trystian Side Quest 1
Quest: Find the Sage Trystian discovered
Quest Guide: Head through the Red Teleportal and go South East to the quest objective marker. You’ll see a large castle structure. Go up and defeat all the enemies. There’s a magic cannon to finish the ranged ones. Finish them off and then lead Barbella through the door at the end of the walkway. Kill all the enemies to get the Sunstone.
Reward: Iron Ingot x5

Trystian Side Quest 2
Quest: Build a Princesses Bedroom
Quest Guide: You need Flowers, a Candelabrum, Chic Chair, Lady sign and a Princess Bed.
Reward: Chimaera Wing x10

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Barbella Side Quests Final Chapter’]

Barbella Side Quest 1
Quest: Build the Sword of Kings
Quest Guide: The majority of the materials required to make the Sword of Kings are easy to find. The Orichalcum however, is not so easy to find. To find the Orichalcum you need to make the Sword of Kings head through the Red Teleportal and travel North West. Keep going North West and eventually you’ll find a small cave. There’s a half finished stone building nearby, it’s West from that building. Make sure you bring explosives as you need it to get the Orichalcum, there’s also some Ruby and Zenithium inside the cave.
Reward: Silver x2

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Elle Side Quests Final Chapter’]

Elle Side Quest 1
Quest: Build a Holy Hostel
Quest Guide: Build the Holy Hostel, ingredients are basic
Reward: Ruby x2

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Rollo Side Quests Final Chapter’]

Rollo Side Quest 1
Quest: Build the Auroral Armor
Quest Guide: This one ties in well with the Sword of Kings quests as the most difficult ingredients are in the same location. Head through the Red Teleportal and travel North West. Keep going until you reach a half-finished stone building. Just West of there is a very small cave. Inside you can find the Orichalcum, Ruby and Zenithium that you need to make the Auroral Armor. The only other ingredient you may have missed is the Finest Fur. You can get it from the rabbits inside the Red Teleportal area to the East in the sandy area.
Reward: Gold x1, Hero Shield Recipe

[/accordion_item] [accordion_item title=’Hidden Side Quests Final Chapter’]

Hidden Side Quest 1
Quest: Recruit Androoo for your base
Quest Guide: Enter the Red Teleportal area then go North West. After a short distance you’ll notice a cave, go inside. At the end of the cave is some Orichalcum and other ores. Blow them up, blowing the back wall up in the process. A monster will appear, which is Androoo under a spell, speak to him and return him to your base.
Reward: Androoo joins your base

Hidden Side Quest 2
Quest: Find The Sword of Ruin & Cursed Artifacts
Quest Guide: Find the Sword of Ruin
Reward: Sword of Ruin, Thanatos Shield

Hidden Side Quest 3
Quest: Give flowers to Slimes & meet the King Slime
Quest Guide:
Collect Flowers For Slimes & Show Verdant Vision
Reward: 3x Gungerbread

[/accordion_item] [/accordion]

Make sure to complete all of the challenges for the final chapter. Check out our guide on finding the sword of ruin and show a verdant vision to a certain someone.

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  1. how can i finde androoo its impossible for me i tryed all caves in the red portal area i bombed every thing no androo so far help

    1. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/52e3465f68b72254dd937c14b516873988658ee514c61d30312bb32ae7b70261.jpg
      So I found the directions a little hard to follow simply because the cave I found him (see red arrow I built pointing to it) in was in shadow and really easy to miss. I passed by it like six times. Here’s a tip for you and anyone else who ends up on this page: if you don’t see a speech bubble at the back wall of the cave you’re in, he’s not there.

      1. It’s worth noting that I have a friend who found him in a cave in the desert section of the red portal area. Is it possible his location is random? Need other people to confirm they found him where I did to be sure…

        1. I found the cave on the my first playthough in said cave however, the left wall about 10 blocks in had a second cave, no other access point to it and he was all the way to the left. On my speed run, i went looking for him after it was over and there was no cave, i went there and cut all the way through and nothing.

          On my way back around to the front to see if i missed anything, i saw two caves, first was nothing, second was a straight path right to him. These caves was on the back side of the mountain so i can confirm that his spawn is random.. so making a direct guide is hard to do.

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