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Dragon Quest Builders How To Beat The Golem

Dragon Quest Builders How To Beat The Golem
Despite its welcoming and colorful exterior Dragon Quest Builders is home to a number of intense and challenging boss battles. This Dragon Quest Builders How To Beat The Golem guide will walk you through some basic tips and tricks to aid you through your first boss battle against the legendary Golem.

Dragon Quest Builders How To Beat The Golem

The Golem in Dragon Quest Builders is pretty tough for the first real boss you encounter in the game. When you finish all of the quests in Chapter 1 (don’t forget the hidden quests!) you’ll be faced with your final challenge, defeating The Golem. The difficulty level of this fight depends very much on your willingness to prepare. Sure, you can do it with 1-3 Cantlin Shields and 10 Wrecking Balls but not without The Golem causing a fair amount of damage in the process.

If you want to make the fight incredibly easy you’ll want to make sure you go into battle with 20+ Wrecking Balls and 12 Cantlin Shields. The patterns of The Golem and the waves remain the same but the additional supplies will ensure you survive with very little or no damage to your base at all.

Once supplied begin the battle. You’ll be alone on this one. Your current base defenses and all members of your village will be removed for the duration of this battle. The first wave of The Golem sees the giant creature throw boulders at your city, which can only be blocked by the Cantlin Shields. Each side of your base is split into 3 lanes, left, middle and right. The golem can fire a boulder down any of the 3 lanes but if you have 3 Cantlin Shields in place, he is unable to do any damage with his boulder attack.

At the start of the battle place a Cantlin Shields directly ahead of where you spawn in all 3 “lanes”. This will protect that side permanently. Once 3 boulders have been blocked The Golem goes into phase 2, a spinning AoE attack that tracks his target. You can either hide behind a Cantlin Shield or just run away but make sure you’re in close proximity when the attack ends.

When The Golem runs out of steam he becomes dazed. This is your chance. Run into The Golem and place a single Wrecking Ball by his feet, it has to be very close or it will not work. If successful the bomb will open The Golem up to damage. Run underneath it and drop 3-4 bombs for maximum damage.

Once damaged The Golem will retreat and launch another phase. He will summon several Hammerhoods. These guys are very adept at taking down your city walls so as soon as they spawn, attract their attention. Run them to one of the sides where you don’t have any Cantlin Shields and put 3 in place, as you did the first time. Repeat this across all 4 sides, ensuring you dodge The Golem’s jump attack.

From here you can either melee down the Hammerhoods or drop a bomb – be careful of the latter as the bomb will instantly explode if The Golem lands on it before detonation. Following the summoning wave The Golem returns back to throwing boulders and repeats the cycle until dead.

Good luck!

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