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Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Final Boss – The Dragonlord

Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Final Boss - The Dragonlord
As with completing previous chapters in Dragon Quest Builders the final chapter culminates in a boss battle against the infamous Dragonlord. This Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Final Boss – The Dragonlord will tell you how to defeat the boss so you can restore light to the world and continue building to the limits of your imagination.

Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Final Boss – The Dragonlord

The Dragonlord boss battle comes in different waves. The initial wave is simple. As pictured above the Dragonlord is at the far end of his throne room. As soon as the battle starts place down 2 cannons, if you take too long you’ll be cursed and unable to use items. When the Dragonlord spawns his minions simply use the cannons to take them out. Do this until his shield drops and then keep firing both cannons to take him down. You only have to remove his shield twice using this method, making the first wave incredibly easy.

The second stage is far more difficult than the first and you lose all items as soon as the second stage begins, The Dragonlord’s True Form. During the first wave of this battle the Dragonlord has 2 abilities. Bite and a smoke attack. He will take turns using them – bite, smoke, bite, smoke etc. Some allies will drop healing supplies and some Cantlin Shields. Move to the opposite end of the walkway to avoid the smoke attack and then deploy the Cantlin Shield for his next attack, stunning his bite and letting you do damage.

Once you’ve repeated that process a few times the next wave begins. During this wave the Dragonlord will spawn minions and launch an attack at you. When you see the warning message that the Dragonlord is charging, just keep moving. Then between charges take down the minions – making sure to keep your health topped up and grab the items put down by your allies. At the end of this wave an ally will spawn and drop you blocks. You have to build a tower quickly. Jump holding R1 and place blocks until you’re above his reach, you need to be at least 6 blocks high.

Cannons will be dropped, put them down when the Dragonlord retreats to a distance and fire them as quickly as possible. If you can avoid standing close to them his long range attack won’t destroy them. If they are destroyed more will spawn in for you. Bunny Burgers and Sailor Stew’s drop, use those to increase attack and defense. After a few hits with the cannons the Dragonlord will revert to the past stage of summoning minions, except this time it’s dragons. These die in 4-5 hits with the buffs on so just be sure to avoid their attacks before countering.

The final wave is a mix of all. He will attack from distance with multiple shadow balls, then come in for his attack that covers the whole walkway and then finally a bite. Dodge the first two, using cannons to counter his range if possible, and then use the Cantlin Shield to stun. You can use the Bashmobile for some large damage up close.

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