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Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Hades Condor

Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Hades Condor
Chapter 2 of the journey through Dragon Quest Builders doesn’t disappoint and neither does the final boss battle. This Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Hades Condor will walk you through the techniques and defensive placements you need to kill the Hades Condor and move through to Chapter 3.

Much like the boss battle at the end of Chapter 1, The Golem, the Hades Condor has a very specific set of patterns and defensive items that you need to get to grips with in order to defeat the winged beast.

Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Hades Condor

Firstly, as before, make sure you’re prepared. You need at least 2 Ballista, the Falcon Blade and Chain Mail if possible. Accessories also help, such as the Ring of Clarity that protects against Confusion. During the fight you will encounter enemies that can confuse, poison and paralyze. When you begin the fight at the end of chapter 2 you will be fighting alone and everything that has been built outside of your towns area will vanish for the duration of the fight.

You can however build defensive structures inside your town, and this can make things a little easier. I placed 2 Evil Idols on the normal side of town to protect against the attacks the Hades Condor does from that side. Usually it’s just 2 summons.

Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Hades Condor Stage 1

The other side is where most of the action happens. You cannot place the Ballista’s within range within your boundaries so you have to build them during the fight. They need to be 3 blocks high and aiming towards the outside of the base, this is the opposite side. My set up, which changed a bit during the battle, was this:

Dragon Quest Builders How To Defeat The Hades Condor Stage 2

The Hades Condor has several phases and attacks. It will summon 2 enemies on the same side it spawns. These are simply to take down but Evil Idols can help. It summons green whispy areas that explode after a few seconds – these cannot destroy anything placed before the boss fight but can destroy stuff built during it. These typically spawn near where you are so if the Hades Condor is spinning around the area, don’t stand near your Ballista’s.

The first wave is just spawns of enemies until is says the Condor is resting its wings. That’s when you fire off the Ballista. You need to hit it 3 times the first wave, 5 the second and 7 the final wave. Hit the Condor 3 times, move in for melee and attack as much as possible.

The second wave is very much the same although now it summons a giant tornado. If it moves to the side of your Ballista’s and it doesn’t say its resting, move to the opposite side of the map. A giant tornado spawns, you need to run around the edge to avoid it, then return to Ballistas for more damage.

Rinse and repeat that step and you’re good to go.

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