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Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Side Quest Guide

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Side Quest Guide
Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is full of side missions that you can pick up for extra rewards and cash. Some are simple kill quests while others have you searching for hidden items. Check out this Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Side Quest Guide to get them all done!

The majority of side quests unlock naturally as you progress through Dragon Quest Heroes 2 so just remember to keep checking the quest stall to pick up new quests. If any particular side quests require special conditions we’ll include the information to unlock them.

Bridging The Gap
Smoldering Boulders
Patrolling The Pastures
Sticking It To The Man
Fire Extinguisher
Well-Healed 1
Training Exorcises
Eggsercise Caution
Fireballs For Furballs
Pedal To The Medal 1
Entertaining The Troops
Hammer And Tongs 1
Procure The Cure 1
Plume For Improvement
Heart Of Stone
Hammer And Tongs 2
Breaking The Ice
Work Your Magic
Well Healed 2
Wheres The Fire?
Hammerhood Hustle
Pedal To The Medal 2
Feuding Friends
The Splats Pyjamas
A Short, Sharp Shock
No Spring Chicken
Fur Enough
Procure The Cure 2
The Stuff Of Legend
Get Ready To Rumble
An Honour Among Thieves
Knack Of All Trades Sage
Knack Of All Trades Gladiator

Post-Game Side Quests

Well Healed 3
Pedal To The Medal 3
Sunderbolts And Lightning
Way Of The Warrior
Smart As A Whip
Hammer & Tongs 3
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