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Dragon Quest Heroes Guide: Treasure Map Location Guide

Dragon Quest Heroes Guide: Treasure Map Location Guide
In Dragon Quest Heroes you can find treasure maps that will unlock new areas for you to explore. You will get a couple free but the rest you will have to find on your own. This Dragon Quest Heroes Treasure Map Location Guide will help you find them all as you go along.

Dragon Quest Heroes Treasure Map Location Guide

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You can use your treasure maps once you get your airship. They will unlock new zones on the map.

I am doing this as I go so check back for updates!

Singed Map – This one cannot be missed and is got in the very first level. You get it from your first treasure chest and it unlocks another Showdown with a Green Dragon. Beating the Dragon will unlock another map that can be used later. The Dragon is about the same level as the first level Dragon so it is pretty simple.

Massive Map – You get this one after you take down the Cyclops like monster in the story. The Map leads to another battle with a Cyclops and another treasure map later. The Cyclops will be the same one you fought in story so if you handled that one you can handle this one.

Slime-Spattered Map – This one can be gotten from the post master on the Airship. This will unlock a huge battle with a bunch of Slimes, really easy fight. After you beat them you get some treasure.

Very Singed Map – You get this map from beating the Singed Map level and defeating the Green Dragon there. I’m not high enough level to unlock this one yet.

Super-Massive Map – You get this map by beating the Massive Map level. I’m not high enough level to do this one yet.

Laser-Printed Map – You get this one after you defeat the bosses in Coliessea. You will need to beat the robot trio again. You should bring Terry because he does lightning damage and that is their weakness.

Double-Sided Map – You get this one after you beat the Troll and the Wyvern in Sylvea. You will have to take them on again for some treasure. Take out the flier with the cannons first and then focus on the giant troll. You can kill enemies around to pick up monster medals to help you out.

Stone Tablet -You get this after you kill to boss for Grannet. You will have to face the giant statue again but this time you can bring Nera to buff your attack with Omph. When the match starts, break the vases to find a instant Tension Gauge filler for one of your characters. Use it early and cripple the statues HP quickly. Take out any enemy waves and use the tokens to slow down the Statue to beat it.

Indestructible Map – I think I got this after the Tower area in the story missions, not 100% sure.

Mauled Map – Got this on a side quest called “Improving On Perfect 3”.

Check back soon for updates!

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