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Dragon’s Crown Guide: Side Quest Guide

Dragons Crown Guide

The easiest way to get skill points and experience in Dragon’s Crown is to do the side quests. You will unlock one after each level and then unlock a ton when you unlock route B for the areas. This guide will help you complete them all as you go along!

Dragon’s Crown Side Quest Guide

Side Quests


Finding Guild Members – This is the first quest you get from the Guild Hall and it can’t be missed. You will need to beat the Ancient Temple Ruins and recover the bones in the ruins. They stick out like a sore thumb as you progress through Ancient Temple Ruins.

Help The Honey Buzzards – There is a door in the Ancient Temple Ruins that Rannie can open if you scroll over it, inside you will find the orcs you need to kill. The door is in the room with the snake enemies.

Beastmaster – This quest is done at the Old Capital and you should go alone because the AI will just kill the monsters you want to mount. The first creature you can mount is the Sabertooth and he is in the first area. Beat him down until he kneels then mount him and kill any enemies you can. The Sabertooth can come with you into other rooms as well. It is easy to get 10 kills, just run over the scorpions and they die in one hit. If you take too much damage on the Sabertooth it will die and if it dies before you get 10 kills about halfway through the level there is a velociraptor looking creature you can mount. This one actually spits fire and can clear out multiple enemies at once. Once you get the 10 kills you can leave or just beat the level for bonus exp and gold.

The Stolen Scepter – This is a main quest and can’t be missed. After you beat the Old Capital level you will get the item for this and you have to turn it into the castle.

Delicacy Delivery – You will need to collect 10 spores from Wallace’s underground Labyrinth. These can be found on any of the fungus growing from the ground, hit it and the spores will come out. You might need to make two trips in order to get all of them but there are quite a few in the boss room.

Reclamation Of Honor – At the Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress you will come to a room with a dragon locked in a cage. In that room there are two doors and the second door has a chest inside with sleeping orcs. Enter the room and walk up to the chest and avoid knocking over the torch or else the orcs will wake up. Have Rannie up the chest and the quest will be completed as long as you don’t wake the orcs up.


Spy on Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress – This is a story quest and once you beat the area return to the castle for a reward.

Find The Guild Master – This is also a story quest but they don’t tell you where he is. Head to the church and select the pray option to find him.

Investigate the Village Girls’ Disappearance – This is a story quest and it completed after you beat the Castle of the Dead.

Morgan’s Web – Morgan will want you to kill spiders and collect the strands of spider silk they drop. This is not a 100% drop rate so if after you kill the spiders you can leave the dungeon and re-enter. I found all of mine in the Castle of the Dead in two tries.

Ship Sleuthing – At Ghost Ship cove you will eventually enter a ship that has a chest in it. In that ship you can have Rannie open a door and outside of that door you will fight some pirates. After you clear out the pirates click the flag next to the door to complete the quest.


Demon King Tablet – Go to the temple and leave, once you leave the ragged old man will take it and tell you a story.

Must Love Hellhounds – This one is pretty easy you just need to withstand 5 attacks from Hell hounds while you are holding square. I did this in the Forgotten Sanctuary in the room with the Golems. Do not activate the your Golem and do not go to the boss Golem and they will spawn infinitely. If you are having issues with the AI killing all of them then don’t bring any partners.

Draconic History – Go to the Ancient Temple Ruins and find the cracked painting on route A. Click it with the cursor then break it down and enter to complete this quest.

Kill Killer Fish – You will need to kill 10 of the fish that jump out of the water to attack you. I went to the Lost Woods area and took route A and killed them on the boat. You can jump attack them or if you can get the timing down right you can hit them before they land on the boat.

Harpy Problems – You will need to go to the Ancient Temple Ruins and kill the Harpy boss alone. Disable the option to join at the tavern.

Reacquire Research – This is down at Wallace’s Underground Labyrinth. Inside the room behind the library you will see a chest behind same bars. You need to hit the switches on the floor in a certain order. The order is Red, yellow, navy, purple and the bars will disappear.

Open Sesame – This is done in the Ghost Cover. Take route A until you clear out the inside of the ship and end up on the other side. If you look at the background you will see a run on a doorway outline. Click the rune on the door and then use your green and blue one and it will open and you can complete the quest.


Flying Fortress Blueprint – You will need to go to Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress to do this one. Take route A until you reach the area with the wooden palisades and the caged creature. After you kill the goblins with the bombs and clear the barricade blocking your way you will see the outline of a door in the wall. Use a bomb to break that area and inside you will find a chest with the quest item.

Search and Resurrection – This one is simple just find bones and bring them back to life 30 times.

Crystal Collection – This one is in the Lost Woods route A. You need to succeed on the boat part in order to get to the crystal cave. Once you get there just hit the crystals with your weapon to break them and collect them.

Best Of The Dead – You will need to head to the and take route A. These skeletons are black and have a blue aura around them, by the time you reach the boss you should fight five of them.

Lima Ray’s Resurrection – This is done in the Mage’s tower, route B. Once you take route B you will come to a door you can open with Rannie. Open that door and inside there are candles lit and there is a statue in the background. Put out all the candles and then click the statue to complete this quest.


Submerged Memories – This is done in the Lost Woods, Route A. Get to the boat and have the boat sink to complete this quest, really simple.

Forest Clearing – This is done in the Lost Woods on both routes but route B has more. You simply have to kill 30 of the wood golems and complete this quest. You will have to go twice atleast.

Church Cover-up – This one is done at the Castle of the Dead, route A. You need to make it to the boss and kill them all within two minutes. I went online and got some strong mage help and beat it with plenty of time to spare. If you don’t want to go online make sure you bring plenty of AoE and when they group up you use it on them to kill them quickly.

Rite Of Passage – This one has to be done with the Amazon. Use her war paint skill and go off and kill any 50 enemies, easy as that.

Henritta’s Automatic Doll – Head to the Mage’s tower and enter the tower from the first area. Once you are actually in the tower you should see two shields on the wall. Knock them off and in that room deflect a spell with the shield, just sit there it will do it automatically. Go into the hidden room and click the doll to complete the quest.

Thw Owlbear Menace – This one is also pretty simple all you have to do is slay 10 owl bears. Head to the Mage’s tower and you can find some of these enemies, only two spawn at the beginning so leave and reload the area to finish it quick.

Magic Carpet Secrets – Head to the Mage’s tower and take route B. Once you make it to the magic carpet part take it all the way to the top and once you get off click the spinning wheel in the background to complete this quest.

Dead Master’s Party – Head to the Castle of the Dead, either route works just wait to find ghosts. Once you find them do a circle in front of them clockwise until the quest is beat. Try to avoid bringing other real players because they like to kill them before you can do anything…

Mysterious Whispers – Head to the ancient Capital and take Route A. Once you make it to the first door you have have Rannie unlock keep going until you see the outline of a door on the wall. Click it and you will hear a woman crying. Break down the door and open the chest inside to beat the quest.

Hunt for the Forbidden Text – Go to the Mage’s Tower and take Route A until you hit the library. Click the piece of paper next to the book shelf and it will say you can only have two books out at a time. Click the bookshelf twice then hit it to open the secret door and beat the quest.

A Monk’s Struggle – Go to the Forgotten Sanctuary and take Route B. Once you get to the point with the magic circle on the floor walk past it and click the evil looking statue. After you click it you can break it and beat the quest.

Living Fossil – Head to the Ghost Ship Cove and take Route B. Get to the Kraken’s cave and let him bring it down around you. Once he has escaped click the fish in the cave to complete this quest.

That will end the Dragon’s Crown Side Quest Guide, check back soon for updates.

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