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Dragon’s Dogma Cassardis Side Quest Walkthrough

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Dragon’s Dogma wastes no time throwing you a few side quests. As you awake after the first major encounter you are in Cassardis. This guide will help you find all the quests and get them done with no trouble! So let’s go!

Oddly enough the game lets you take screenshots in game but you cannot take pictures of the map. Most quests I’ve found so far either came from the quest board or a person with the green indicator over their heads. If you know one I missed let me know so I can add it.

Dragon’s Dogma Cassardis side quest guide

Quest 1 – He should be so lucky – Pablo’s Inn Quest board – This quest is really easy. They want you to kill 5 rabbits. Leave the town and make your way to the encampment for the next main quest. Along the way look off the road to find rabbits. I had a bow to kill them but you can melee them easily as well.

Quest 2 – Goblin Raid – Pablo’s Inn Quest board – Goblins are very weak enemies and you will find them along the road to the encampment. Kill ten of them on the way or wait until after the encampment to complete this one.

Quest 3 – Floral Delivery – Town doctor(Broken house next to the docks) – You need to find herbs to help with the wounded. Just go off the road into the woods for a bit on the way to the encampment and you will find these easily. After you return these she will ask for a different flower.

The next flower can only be found at night and by the sea. Go outside the town at night and head to the ocean. Search the beach until you see the blue glow of the flower. I only had to get one.

Quest 4 – Lost Faith – Village Chapel – The father inside will give you this quest. You need to find his book in order to complete this. Once you go outside a boy will admit to stealing it but say he doesn’t know where he lost it. It is on the roof of a fisherman’s house. If you look at the map and go to the stairs north of the church you can jump onto the roof there. On that roof is the book.

Quest 5 – Rat Catcher – Pablo’s Inn board – Simple you need to kill 7 rats. Rats can be found in the well that is opened after you return from the encampment. Be warned there are strong lizard monsters down there if you venture to dead.

Quest 6 – Guard Duty – Madeleine(I found her in the Inn) – She simply wants you to escort her to the encampment. Do it during the day to make it easier on yourself. After that she asks for money and will offer you discount later in the game.  Your call on that.

Quest 7 – Deep Trouble – Guard next to the well – As stated above the monsters down here are very hard. I have not completed this quest yet but I just wanted to add it so you all know where it is.

That will end the Dragon’s Dogma Cassardis side quest guide. Check back soon for updates!

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