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Saints Row IV Guide – How to Unlock the Dubstep Gun

Saints Row IV Guide - How to Unlock the Dubstep Gun

The Dubstep Gun in Saints Row IV is one of the most highly sought after weapons in the game. Follow this guide from Gamers Heroes if you’re struggling to find out how to unlock the Dubstep Gun in Saints Row IV.

The Dubstep Gun can first be unlocked after the seventh mission The Real World. Accept Keith David’s mission in the sidequest menu, Campaign Trail of Destruction. It can also be unlocked after the story mission Hello Teacup, but that is not until late in the game.

Meet Keith on Ship

To get onto the ship, you will need to access the portal. You can find the portal in Steelport – Brickston, right by the church. It is in the top-middle part of the zone.

Once on the ship, talk to Keith with triangle/Y.  Head back to the Simulaton.

Complete Race

Your first objective is to complete a race. You can find the starting line at Steelport – Yearwood, near the top of the zone. You will then be taken to a “Blazin” event similar to the one you did earlier in the story mode. The Sprint – Speed upgrade helps a considerable amount in this race, but you only need to get bronze to continue. Complete it in 10 seconds for bronze, 25 seconds for silver, and 40 seconds for gold. Remember — Super Boost Orbs are your friend.

Disrupt System

Next, head over to Steelport – Loren Square (you can find it in the bottom-right part of the zone). Your next mission is to cause widespread carnage with the Singularity Gun in the time provided. Cause 300,000 for bronze, 500,000 for silver, and 800,000 for gold.

While you only need bronze to progress, the trick is to fire a black hole onto a crowd of people/cars, then sprint to the next zone and do the same. Do not stand still — there is a chance you will get sucked up. Go after tanks if you see them too!

Clear Zin Troops

Head over to Steelport – Bridgeport (on the east side of the border). You will see a group of Zin army troops — clear out the area and retake the territory.

Go to Location/Assassinate Rogue Program

Get in position over at Steelport between the top of Bridgeport and the bottom of The Grove. Your final job is to destroy the old version of yourself. There will be three targets on your map, along with a number of cops. Take down one of the targets and pray that it is the real one. There are two decoys that go down with fewer shots.

To get through this section faster, use one of the cops as a body shield with triangle/Y. In addition, the Health – Pedestrian Carnage upgrade makes it easy to get back to full health, as pedestrians are around the area.

With all four jobs taken care of, meet Keith David back on the ship via the portal in Steelport – Brickston (right by the church), talk to him, and enjoy your new wub wub weaponry.

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