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Duke Nukem Forever Boss Guide

Duke Nukem Forever Boss Guide
The majority of the Boss fights in Duke Nukem Forever can be done pretty easily but a few of them can cause a bit of a problem. Here’s a brief guide for each boss fight in Duke Nukem Forever.

Cycloid Guide

The first boss and a pretty basic one. The idea is to shoot at his eye while doing your best to dodge his bullets. Just run around in circles making sure to keep your distance and attacking as much as possible, a red flare will indicate incoming ammo. Bit of button mashing followed by a quick field goal and it’s good!

Mothership Guide

You encounter a lot of this as you progress but this first one can be a bit of a pain on the harder settings.  Keep shooting at the Mothership’s weapon as much as possible, ever few seconds a wave of 3 enemy ships will approach. Just shoot the one that is coming in a direct line towards you, the other two ships will miss and cause little problems.

Queen Alien Guide

After getting over the shock of the three tremendously large breasts, grab the explosives in front of you then head to your right and collect the Rocket Launcher. Lay a few trip mines near the middle and then throw a pipe bomb off the bouncing pad. making sure to detonate as it gets close. Once her guard is down fire as many rockets as you can before she reacts. Repeat this a few times and she will launch a few of the flying heads, stay in cover from her attacks while you take them out and this fight is over before you know it.

Hoover Dam Battlelord Guide

Probably one of the hardest boss fights in Duke Nukem Forever. Run back straight away, collecting the rocket launcher on your right and filling ammo. If you have trip mines, throw them down and continue to back off from the Battlelord. Retreat all the way to the back of the bridge, continuing to fire rockets and gather more ammo as you go, once you’re near enough to the explosives just throw as many as possible between his mini gun bursts for maximum damage. Once he goes down the first time, quickly surround his front with trip mines and then proceed with the button mashing. As he gets up the second time, retreat the opposite direction repeating the pipe and rocket trick for as long as you can.

Giant Enforcer Guide

Not really a boss but the fight can be a pain. Make sure you collect the Enforcer gun from up on the table, melee the red crate to be able to jump onto the chair. Don’t grab the rocket launcher until after you’ve killed the wave before the lift opens. Use all the ammo for the rocket launcher and Enforcer gun before switching to something else, just strafe around the opposite side of the crate from the boss and fire over the top.

Octaking Guide

For the first encounter, just sit on the turret making sure to zoom in while you fire. As you reach low Ego just get off the turret and strafe until full again then repeat until it retreats. For the second encounter, make sure you throw a bunch of trip mines around the platform to kill the small versions that spawn. Use the small room as cover, throw pipe bombs at any of the small ones that are alive then strafe out and fire everything you can before filling ammo and returning to the safe spot. After he destroys part of the platform simply strafe while shooting to avoid his shot.

Energy Leech Guide

Stay on the middle bubbles for oxygen, waiting until rocket launcher locks on before firing. As the Leech rises to smash back down, simply go left/right to dodge and collect more ammo, after the second time he hits the ground, return to the middle and repeat. Be sure to remain outside the circle of pipes so that his vacuum type attack doesn’t cause you any problems.

Cycloid Emperor Guide

The final boss fight may have been a challenge if they didn’t give you such a huge space to fight it in. It’s a very simple fight, keep as big as distance as possible between you and the boss at all times. Strafe to avoid his rockets as you return fire. Kill the pigs that drop for new rocket launcher ammo. The second wave works much the same but be sure to kill the Enforcers as quickly as possible and grab one of their guns. For the final wave you basically have infinite ammo for the Enforcer gun so getting killed is almost impossible. Be sure to take care of the Enforcers and then focus fire on the boss, don’t worry about the pigs with launchers, keep some distance and they’ll hardly hit you.

Well that’s all the bosses in our Duke Nukem Forever Boss Guide, the majority of them don’t really require a guide at all but hopefully this may be some use for those of you wanting to conquer the game on insane.

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