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Dulled Steel, Cold Forge Guide For Dragon’s Dogma 2

You Need To Find A Blacksmith To Repair The Regalia Sword

You are tasked with repairing the Regalia Sword. This Dulled Steel, Cold Forge Guide For Dragon’s Dogma 2 provides an in-depth walkthrough of the quest so you can find the blacksmith and repair the legendary blade.

This is one of the many side quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that you can find before you’re actually able to complete it. Before you can finish this side quest you need access to the region of Battahl.

Where To Find The Blacksmith

Where To Find The Blacksmith

Before you are able to reach the Blacksmith, you need to follow the main story missions. After the story quest with the Coronation event, the Feast of Deception quest, Brant sends you to Battahl to investigate the strange device.

At this point, you are given documentation that will allow for passage into Battahl. Once in Battahl, head to the capital city of Bakbattahl.

Once there, find Brokkr’s Smithy in the South West corner of town. After speaking with Brokkr you’ll be sent on an errand to find some Glimmercoal but the rest of the mission is objective marked on the map and easy to follow.

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