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Dungeon Siege 3: Boss Guide

Dungeon Siege 3: Boss Guide

There are a large number of boss battles in Dungeon Siege 3, although a few of them offer unique challenges, the majority of boss fights in Dungeon Siege 3 can all be won with simple tank and spank techniques.

Anyone with MMO experience will be aware of the tank and spank method of combat but for those of you not familiar with the battle tactic, it basically involves 1 player getting aggro (means the boss is attacking that player) while the AI or any additional players work on ads and reducing the bosses HP. The combat mechanics in Dungeon Siege 3 allow almost anyone to block a good amount of damage and the dodging ability practically makes you immune to any damage if you avoid boss AoE spells

It’s usually best for Lucas to do the “tanking” so if you’re in a group make sure he initiates combat and does as much as possible to keep the bosses attention on him. If the boss breaks away and starts to attack someone else, have that person dodge repeatedly while Lucas continues to increase aggro.

So in short, get Lucas to damage until the boss attacks him, have him block and dodge often. If he loses the bosses attention, have everyone else stop attacking and just block/dodge, this technique works with the majority of boss fights in Dungeon Siege 3.

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