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Dungeon Siege 3: Deed Guide

	 Dungeon Siege 3: Deed Guide
In Dungeon Siege 3 you can be awarded Deeds for completing achievements and other tasks,  this guide containing a full list of Deeds for Dungeon Siege 3 will help you collect all the deeds to help increase your stats

The Deeds listed below are arranged in stats to  make it easier to focus on any one stat for a particular Dungeon Siege 3 build

Stamina Deeds

  • Fulltime Hero – Complete 10 Side Quests+2 Stamina
  • Saviour Of Ehb – Complete 20 Side Quests+3 Stamina
  • Royalist Ally – Choose To Save The Queen+5 Stamina
  • Legion Caretaker – Keep Gunderic Manor +3 Stamina
  • Enduring Champion – Sustain 100,000 Damage + 2 Stamina
  • Trial and Error  – Guess until guardian door opens – +2 Stamina

Will Deeds

  • Lorekeeper – Collect 30 Pieces Of Lore+3 Will
  • Loremaster – Collect 60 Pieces Of Lore+4 Will
  • Of One Mind – Agree Convo Choice 20 Times+1 Will
  • Academic Ally – Influence Reinhart’s +2 Will
  • Gracious In Victory – Spare Rajani’s Life+2 Will
  • Tenured Loyalty – Gain Reinhart’s Trust +3 Will
  • Legion Redeemer  – Take the Gent into Legion custody+3 Will
  • Veteran Trader – Spend 250k in career +1 Will
  • Avatar of Ultimate Virtue – Refuse every reward in Raven’s Rill +5 Will

Agility Deeds

  • Bewitching Ally – Gain  Katarina’s Trust+2 Agility
  • Solver Of Ciphers – Find Manor Door Password+2 Agility
  • Liberator  – Free all prisoners in the Spire – +5 Agility
  • Merchant of Ehb – Sell at least 100K worth of items +2 Agility

Attack Deeds

  • Rivalry – Disagree On Convo Choice 20 Times+1 Attack
  • Proletarian Hero – Cyclops Human Rights +3 Attack
  • Celestial Ally – Earn Anjali’s trust – +2 Attack

Dungeon Siege 3 Deed Guide to be updated regularly. Please leave feedback if you’ve discovered any Deed’s in Dungeon Siege 3 that are not listed above 😀

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  1. Merchant of Ehb +2 Agility sell at least 100K worth of items
    Veteran trader +1 Will spend 250k in career
    Celestial Ally +2 Attack earn Anjali’s trust
    Trial and Error +2 Stamina guess until guardian door opens
    Avatar of Ultimate Virtue +5 Will refuse every reward in Raven’s Rill

  2. We Are Legion +4 Stamina = Gather all Legion Descendants
    Fiery Loyalty +3 Attack = Anjali’s faith in you is unshakable
    Radiant Friendship +5 Attack = You have earned Anjali’s undying loyalty and friendship
    Lord Protector of Stonebridge +3 Stamina = Handed the Dapper Old Gent over to the authorities
    Montbarron Ally +2 Stamina = You have earned the trust of Lucas Montbarron
    Loyal Guardian +3 Stamina = You have earned Lucas’ steadfast loyalty
    Comrade in Arms +5 Stamina = Lucas’ loyalty to you is absolute
    Lescanzi Ally +3 Will = Gave Gunderic Manor to Leona

  3. It would be helpful you you mark which deeds are exclusive. In the sense that you cannot get both: Ironhand and Gracious In Victory.

    I’m not quite sure but it seems that the game is just so short that you cannot gain the full influence of all 3 party members.

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