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Dungeon Siege 3: How To Beat Warbeast

Dungeon Siege 3: How To Beat Warbeast
Warbeast is probably one of the first real challenging boss fights. This short Dungeon Siege 3 guide will give you the info you need so you know how to beat the boss, Warbeast.

Warbeast has 3 main attacks that can cause you a few problems, below is a list of those attacks so you know how to avoid them


Warbeast will raise its front legs before stomping them onto the ground creating a knockdown + damage attack in 360 radius surrounding Warbeast. This attack can also knock down the goblins that spawn to aid Warbeast.


A similar animation to before but a bit faster, Warbeast stomps the ground causing lumps of rock to fall from the roof.


The most damaging attack in Warbeast‘s arsenal, he will charge directly at a hero and can cause upwards of 300 damage.

If you’re playing a melee character you want to be harassing Warbeast as much as possible, always stay close and continue to attack as often as you can. If he starts the animation for Stomp, either quickly hold block as he lands or use dodge just as he jumps, either way you can avoid any damage and knockdown and continue to cause damage. Ignore any goblins that try to attack you as Warbeast‘s Stomp will knock them down also.

Range just does continual damage, dealing with any goblins if they start to attack you. Make sure you watch out for the shadows on the floor when Warbeast uses his quake move, the shadows signal where the debris will fall. The charge attack can be adjusted slightly mid charge so make sure you dodge well clear of it as it charges.

Using the above info, you should know how to beat Warbeast in Dungeon Siege 3, let me know if you need anymore help!

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