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Dungeon Siege 3 – Loremaster Achievement Guide

Dungeon Siege 3 - Loremaster Achievement Guide
If you don’t know how to get the Loremaster Achievement in Dungeon Siege 3, you need to locate 60 pieces of Lore throughout the game, there are over 60 but that’s the minimum you need in order to complete the Loremaster Achievement. This Loremaster Achievement guide will give you the name and map for each piece of lore as you progress through Dungeon Siege 3.

The below list is a collection of all the Lore items in Dungeon Siege 3 and what map they are located on. They have been listed by map location but please be aware, you may have to perform certain quests or obtain a special item to gain access to all areas of each map such as the roots in the forest.

Pilgrims Road

  • Bounty Notice
  • Boris’ Orders

Legion Chapter House

  • Lords Of The Wild
  • Raven’s Rill
  • Remnants Of A Fallen Empire
  • The Wanderers
  • Legion Lore: The Causeways
  • The Rukkenvahl
  • Birth Of The Legion
  • Rukkenvahl Lore: The Mournweald

Gunderic Manor

  • Lord Gunderics Journal
  • Lord Gunderics Journal: Entry 24
  • Lord Gunderics Journal: Entry 40
  • Lord Gunderics Journal: Entry 83
  • A Missive From High Mootbarren
  • The Headmaster’s Journal

Gunderic Library

  • Coalfire Stones
  • Gunderic Manor: A History
  • Children Of The Swamp
  • The Creator Gods
  • Torn Letter
  • Lord Gunderics Journal: Entry 95
  • The River Of Souls
  • The Heart Of Nagog
  • Artifact Of The Creators: Volume 2
  • Scribbled Note
  • The Life Of Meric
  • History Of The Seck Resurgence
  • The Heroes’ Crypt: Part 1
  • Lord Gunderics Journal: Final Entry

East Forest

  • Thief’s Letter
  • House Of Mandarin
  • House Of Gunderic

Shadowrift Cavern

  • House Of Manx

Raven Rill Town Hall

  • Aruken Spiders And Their Kin
  • Virsk Folklore: The Dakkenweyr

The Heroes’ Crypt

  • Groundskeeper Journal
  • The Heroes’ Crypt: Part II
  • Old And Faded Parchment

First People Village

  • Founder Of The Faith: St Elishews
  • The Arunite Church

Stonebridge City

  • Stonebridge Technology

Grand Chapter House

  • Pillars Of The Legion: Book 1
  • Pillars Of The Legion: Book 2
  • Pillars Of The Legion: Book 3
  • Pillars Of The Legion: Book 4
  • The Goblin Renaissance
  • Archons: Legend Or Truth

The Tumbledown Court

  • History Of Ehb
  • Spy’s Report: Jayne Kassynder
  • Kings And Queens Of Ehb
  • Spy’s Report: Spire Of Arunal


  • History Of Stonebridge Volume 1
  • History Of Stonebridge Volume 2
  • History Of Stonebridge Volume 3
  • History Of Stonebridge Volume 4
  • History Of Stonebridge Volume 5

Crypt Of Sacred Blood

  • The Ketzlers Of Stonebridge

Great Foundry

  • Iron Mongers Guild Charter
  • Stonebridge: The Great Foundry
  • Cyclops Workers Demands

The Dungeon Siege 3 Loremaster Achievement Guide will be updated regularly. Please leave feedback if you’ve discovered any that are not on the list.

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  1. On third play through using Anjali as primary found Lore “Lescanzi Orders” in Stormsong Cavern after the fight with Vera on a table near the two chests where you talk to Katarina. Came up in list of lore items on menu screen.

  2. Sorry guys! We’re having problems with comments notifying our authors. I’ve messaged JH and he should be about to answer any questions soon 😀

  3. how do you find the girl for Fit for a Queen? Her dot is above the brothel and i have 0 idea how to get to her

    1. Just posting so you get a notification 😀 Some others have posted tips to help:

      “She’s one floor below the room the marker leads you to. Look out the window and use a rope arrow. After that, I’m lost. Haha.”

      “theres a note next to her hand pick it up and it’ll show you where to go”

    1. Just updated the guide. Head to near the marker and activate your focus
      and search around the walls to find a wire box. Follow that up to the
      window you will need to enter for the quest.

    1. If you’re still stuck our heroic community has helped out 😀

      “She’s one floor below the room the marker leads you to. Look out the window and use a rope arrow. After that, I’m lost. Haha.”

      “theres a note next to her hand pick it up and it’ll show you where to go”

  4. What about “Rule of Thumb”? i can clearly see the window i need to enter but even in focus i can’t see any possible way of getting to it.

        1. THK, for this quest (which was a bit of a pain in the ass ot find, yet so simple…) you need to circle around the building for an opening below the building. At first I thought it was the window from the outside, but just circle the building and keep your eyes up for an opening and it has a a post where you can use the rope. So basically there is another window so ignore the window thats outside of building and find that opening under the building. Just circle the building with focus you will see it.

          1. Thanks for returning to offer assistance Marcos. It’s quite easy to do your bit and move on but on occasion some people return with the hopes of helping others. That’s what makes our community one of heroes! 😀

  5. In ‘fit for a queen’ i have found the body and the note but nothing after that, no marker on my map or anything. Please someone, anyone help. Any ideas will help

  6. If I didn’t start the side missions given by basso right away, can I play them later in the game?

  7. In Gunderic Library, it’s Artifacts of the Creators: Volume 4 you get, not 2. Also it’s A History of the Seck Resurgence. You forgot the A.

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