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Dungeon Siege 3 – Lower Ravens Rill Side Quest Guide

Dungeon Siege 3 - Lower Ravens Rill Side Quest Guide
There are a total of 3 side quests in Lower Ravens Rill, Widow’s Revenge, A Prized Possession and Hiding Out. This Dragon Siege 3 Side Quest Guide for Lower Ravens Rill will list each quest and a brief description with any tips needed to make it easier.

Lower Ravens Rill

  • Widow’s Revenge – You may have already completed this quest if you’re the type to always explore the “wrong direction” before going the right one. It’s a simple Side Quest, follow the tracker to defeat the boss Boris.


  • A Prized Possession – Simple boss fight. Kill all of Ottokar’s minions first and then start to work on his HP. Keep an eye out for his animations, he will raise his arms before he attacks. Simply dodge and counter until he dies.


  • The Fishing Hole – Talk to Yacob near the waterwheel. He will ask you to secure his old fishing spot that has since been a new habitat for some nasty creatures. Follow the quest tracker and use the special bait at the waters edge, kill the summoned monsters and return to complete this side quest. If you struggle with this fight you can retreat a small distance away from the water to a point where the boss cannot attack you.


  • Hiding Out (After Completing The Cave) – Follow the quest tracker to the cave and a giant spider will spawn. A pretty simple boss fight, make sure to AoE the small spiders it summons as quickly as possible and just have whoever is holding aggro dodge around the map

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