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Dungeon Siege 3: Side Quest Guide (Perfectionist Achievement)

This Dungeon Siege 3 Side Quest guide will give you the maps and quest names for each Side Quest to help you obtain the Perfectionist Achievement.
If you want to unlock the Perfectionist Achievement in Dungeon Siege 3 you need to complete the main story as well as completing every Side Quest in the game. This Dungeon Siege 3 Side Quest guide will give you the maps and quest names for each Side Quest to help you obtain the Perfectionist Achievement.

The majority of the Side Quests in Dungeon Siege 3 don’t offer much of a challenge so obtaining the Perfectionist Achievement shouldn’t cause you many problems once you know the location of the Side Quests. The Perfectionist Achievement guide featured below lists the Side Quests by map but please be aware you may not have access to the entire map when you first reach a new area.

Pilgrims Road

  • Unlucky Merchant – You meet the Unlucky merchant just east of the Chapterhouse bridge. He asks you to search for his wagon. Simply follow the quest tracker and kill the Bandit to complete this Side Quest
  • Relics Of Another Age (After Completing East Forest)
  • Heroes Of Old (After Completing East Forest)

Lower Ravens Rill

  • Widow’s Revenge – You may have already completed this quest if you’re the type to always explore the “wrong direction” before going the right one. It’s a simple Side Quest, follow the tracker to defeat the boss Boris.
  • A Prized Possession – Simple boss fight. Kill all of Ottokar’s minions first and then start to work on his HP. Keep an eye out for his animations, he will raise his arms before he attacks. Simply dodge and counter until he dies.
  • The Fishing Hole – Talk to Yacob near the waterwheel. He will ask you to secure his old fishing spot that has since been a new habitat for some nasty creatures. Follow the quest tracker and use the special bait at the waters edge, kill the summoned monsters and return to complete this side quest. If you struggle with this fight you can retreat a small distance away from the water to a point where the boss cannot attack you.
  • Hiding Out (After Completing The Cave) – Follow the quest tracker to the cave and a giant spider will spawn. A pretty simple boss fight, make sure to AoE the small spiders it summons as quickly as possible and just have whoever is holding aggro dodge around the map

Stromsong Cave

  • Gunderic Manor

Gunderic Manor

  • A Wayword Soul

East Forest

  • A Loss For Words

Swamp Battlefield

  • Lost In The Swamp

First People Village

  • Missionairy WorkSimply follow the quest tracker trying to avoid aggro to make the journey a bit faster. Collect the eggs and return.

Stonebridge City

  • Supply Lines

Frostpire Mountain

  • Untamed Mountain
  • Isben’s Cave

Tumbledown Court

  • All That Glitters
  • The Prototype

The Deepwell

  • Building Bridges


  • Mediations

Lower Ward

  • Cryptic Inheritance
  • Major Malfunction
  • Proof Of Sabotage (Follow on from Major Malfunction)

The Crypts Of Sacred Blood

  • Stolen Shipments

Great Foundry

  • Cogs And Wheels
  • Hostage Situation


Stay tuned as our Dungeon Siege 3: Side Quest Guide (Perfectionist Achievement) article will be updated as I find more Side Quests. Please feel free to leave feedback if you’ve found any not listed above. If you need info on any particular quest, I can help, just ask 🙂

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