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Dying Light 2 Choices And Consequences Guide

Dying Light 2 features multiple choices with a ton of different consequences. Check out this Dying Light 2 Choices and Consequences guide to make sure you are picking the right stuff. This way you don’t miss out on the ending you want.

Dying Light 2 Main Story Choices And Consequences Guide

Radio Frequency
GRE Scientist Or Better You Not Know
Let Us In Or Aiden
Hakon Choice - Deal Or We Will See
Try To Help Aitor Or Say You Have Your Own Affairs
I Dont Pay Or Negotiate
Wolf Or Sheep?
Talking To Barney
Party Choices
Go Meet Aitor Or Go Meet Sophie
We Can Help Each Other Or Try Me (Sophie & Barney)
Fight Or Negotiate (In the water tower)
Who Controls The Water? (Survivors Or Peacekeepers)
Would You Like To Do The Honors?
Going To The Center Or What I Promised Alberto
Leave Hakon Or Help Hakon
Bullet Joke Choice
Assign Power Station Choice
Refuse With A Gesture Or Reach For The Shot
Tell Where You Came From Or Lie And Say It Is Easy To Miss Someone
Truth about Aitor Or Lie About Aitor
What Do You Need The Database For?
Ask Juan For Help
Are We Playing?
Drink With Juan Or Not
Help Juan Or Stick With Matt
Kurt Choices
I Dont Need Friends Or I Am Honored
Take The Tower Or Talk To Frank
Give The Tower To Frank Or To Jack/Juan
Talking With Lawan On Her Roof
Fight Or Do Not Fight Hakon
Talking With Lawan
Trust Veronika Or Dont Trust Her
Help Veronika Focus On Something Else Or Dont React
Go After The Truck Or Stay With Frank
Believe Colonel Or Believe Matt
Stop Lawan Or Let Lawan Blow Up The Bombs

Dying Light 2 Side Quest Choices And Consequences Guide

Take Wager And Forget About Whole Thing
Give Food Without Asking Or Ask About Virals
Missing Persons - Say I Am Local Or Ask What The Job Is
Stopping Damien From Jumping
You Sell Posioned Water - Cheers
Tell Truth About Timur Or Lie About Timur
I Wont Judge You Or You Are Lying
Chloe And Wash Choice
Den For Brigitte
I Lie To The PK I Tell The PK The Truth
Where Are The Pills Or I Am Your Grandson

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