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Dying Light 2 Tower Safe Code

As you climb the tower in Dying Light 2, you will come across a safe right before you reach the top. Check out this Dying Light 2 Tower safe code to find out what the code is so you can get the loot. This way you don’t have to do the math in your head.

Dying Light 2 Tower Safe Code

Climbing the tower is a bit of a pain in the neck, so we have a video here if you need some help with that.

Once you near the top you will enter a room with a bed, some light, and a safe in the corner. If you use your survivor sense you can see that there is a piece of paper sticking out of the wall near a poster. It is weird to grab, but if you angle yourself right the button should pop up. Grab it and check it out to see a math problem inside.

The code for me was 510, but yours might be different. With the code you can open up the safe and find the last tape of the guy leaving them around the Bazaar. It isn’t a great reward but the puzzle wasn’t that hard. Head up to the top of the tower from there and finish your quest.

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