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Dying Light Guide: Old Town Side Quest Guide

Dying Light Guide: Old Town Side Quest Guide

Old Town is another area in Dying Light that you will get some side quests in. Some are easy to find and others are hidden throughout the city. This guide will help you find the quests and complete them while you go.

Dying Light Old Town Side Quests

Radio Station – One of two outpost quests you get from Savvy in the Loft. Go to the radio station and on the ground floor there is a wooden wall you can break with a melee hit. Follow that path to the radio station door. After you go inside use your grapple to get on top of the scaffolding and drop in on the edge. Go through the window and start your killing spree. You can actually do some sneaky take downs this time if you have the skill. Ultimately I just ended up using my assault rifle to mow everyone down. Work your way up to the top floor elevator and remember that the hip fire in this game is super accurate.

Office Outpost – The second outpost quest you get from Savvy in the Loft. Head to the outpost and clear out the troops on the outside. I used my assault rifle for this because the troops had guns. Use the elevator to go down deeper into the building. There are about 10 guys in this area that you will need to kill. You have two choices, go hunting or wait for them to come to you. I didn’t want to get over ran so I just want on a killing spree. After you kill the first group more will spawn. After you kill the next wave loot the place and leave.

Fan Zone – Talk to Noah at the Loft to get this quest. Head over to the way point and you will hear a distress message. Go in through the front door and enter the elevator. If the zombies outside are to much for you then use fire crackers to distract them. Once inside grab the key card of the conference room table so you can open the doors. Go through door 2 and head around into the room with the computers and shut the laptop off. Take the elevator down until it stops then climb to the through the hatch. Take the vent and follow it all the way out. Once you drop down make sure you have a gun and unload on the killer. He has some heavy armor so be ready to heal. Once he is dead be sure to loot him for a rare Mod.

Legless Spider – I got this quest while I was exploring the area. Get up to the roof at the way point and talk to the Spider. After you talk to him grab his bag and move to the next way points. Grab each of the Shisha parts near the cash registers. If you run into a screaming enemy go up to it and silence it to stop the screaming. After you get all the pieces head to the David way marker. You will have to kill some thugs around him before you can talk to him. Once you kill all the thugs talk to David to get the next part of the quest.

You will need to collect 5 meteorite shards at the way point. Once you get there turn the lights on and start collecting the rocks. Use the grapple to get up on the rocks easier. If the lights turn off you will have to turn them back on again. One rock is in the water so don’t forget that one. Return to David to complete the quest.

Rupert The Gunsmith – Speak to Lea and Fidan at the University for this quest. Head to the way point and climb up to the door on the second floor, use your grapple if you have one. Rupert is down a floor hanging out with some kids.

Health Potion – After you talk to Rupert he will give you this quest. Head to the way point and there is a shutter you can open on the ground level. Once you do the alarm will sound so clear out any zombies outside the shutter. The alarm is in the back on the wall. Search all the medical cabinets and then head to the next way point. At the next way point you will have to unlock the door on the ground level to enter.

After you figure out it’s empty go check the computer. Head to the apartment and at the way point look up to see an open window. Use your grapple hook to get in there. Clear out the zombies and check the message on the fridge. After you get the note head to the pizzeria and search the dead man on the floor for the insulin. Return to Repert with the insulin to beat the quest.

Dying Light Rupert The Gunsmith Guide

Blocks For The Boy Talk to Kadim in the magical castle to get this quest. Head down stairs and use your survivor sense to help you locate the blocks. Return to Kadim and then talk to Rupert to complete the quest.

Dungeon – Talk to Rupert again to get the another quest for this area. When you are in the basement follow the red cord to the power box and turn it off. After the power is off go find Reuprt’s wife and end her. Return to Rupert and end the quest.

Troll – Talk to the girl to get a quest for outside the castle. Kill the Brute and a Demolisher will come out out play. You know the drill, lure it into a wall, strike when it’s dazed and repeat. go to Rupert’s workshop and enter the back to turn this quest in.

Do You Believe? – Talk to Mufid at the University to get this quest. Head to the way point and climb up the building. Once you get to the door it will open and you can go inside. After you go inside talk to Ishaq for another part of the quest.

Lost In Space – Maybe you remember Dawud from earlier in the game? Well while exploring he radioed asking for help. Head to the apartment and enter. Inside you will have to kill Dawud who has turned. You can find Sammy hiding in one of the clothes closets.

Dying Light The Bunker Guide

The Bunker – Talk to Ishan at the safe zone near Rupert’s apartment for this quest. Set the way point for Thabit and talk to him. He is on the upper floor through a couple of double doors. After that you will need to get the Mayor’s seal. Go to the way point and grapple up to the roof and enter the building. Make your way through the building and take the hole in the bathroom wall to the lower level. Follow the hall until you can drop down to the main level and kill any zombies in your way. Use the computer on that level and then jump back up the way you came down and enter the room. Pick the lock of the chest near the bed and you can get the seal there.

Return the seal to Thabit to get to the next part of the quest. Go to the next way point and enter the building. Go to the basement and try to open the door. Surprise surprise, you are going back out to fetch something else. Go to the way point and kill the bruiser to get the key. Return to town hall and go open the door in the basement. Kill Thabit and avoid the bomber that comes down the stairs out of no where. Go to the supply room and try to open the door. After that look up and use your grapple to enter the vent and drop into the supply room.

Chasing Past Talk to Tariq at the safe zone and he will give you this quest. Head to the way point and enter the apartment. The apartment you are looking for has the door partially open already. Loot the wicker chest to get the next part of the quest. Search all the other apartments and then you will have to check the basement. Check the door with the blooding print on it and you will have to find the keys.

Go up to the apartment that was closed and search it for the keys. You can find them on the table next to a med kit. Go back down to the basement and grab the collar of the dog. Kill the cannibal and then return to Tariq. To get your reward you will have to swim back into the museum and use the key on the metal door.

I am updating this as I go so check back soon for updates!

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