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Dying Light guide: Slums Side Quest Guide

Dying Light guide: Slums Side Quest Guide
The Slums is the first part of the city you explore in Dying Light. There are a few survivors scattered throughout the area who have side quests for you to do. This guide will help you complete the quests while you going through the city. Let’s get started.

Dying Light Slums Side Quests Guide

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You can see who has a quest by looking at the map and looking for a !

O Brother Where Art Thou?: You get this from Derek near the medical trailer. He will mark Osman on your map who will give you a quest. Talk to Osman and he will ask you to help him find his brother. Head to the market and enter through the back. Once inside go into the bathroom and on the floor you can find some keys to open the door across the hall. Use the vent in there to get to the other side of the market.

Now when I went through it glitched out and I just fell through the floor after an explosion. Once you are down there the fire alarm will go off and infected will swarm you. After you kill all the infected open the back door and talk to Azim. After you do that you will need to return to Osman. There are bandits around so bring some Moltovs or a gun to make quick work of them. After they are dead talk to Osman and he will give you they key to his stash.

Firebug: You get this from Zaid at Jaffar’s garage. Head out of the safe zone and get to the warehouse. Be sure to bring some medkits because you will be dealing with Human enemies and one has a rifle. After you deal with the thugs drop down onto top of the train cars and use fire crackers to distract the zombies. While they are distracted check the train cars for your Zinc. After you get your Zinc go to where the trains would leave and hit the switch to open the large doors. Go around to the right and use the awnings to get back on the roof again and drop back into the warehouse. In the back corner you can drop down into the area with the Turpentine inside. Keep opening door until you find the Turpentine and open any other crates for extra crafting materials.

A Baby Is Born: You can find this quest near the Slums board. Go in from the roof and once you drop down move the shelf to drop down to the level with the quest. Knock on the door and the guy inside will say he needs Alcohol. You will need to collect Alcohol three times to complete this quest. I had enough for the first two parts but the third I had to look around the city for some. There’s plenty right around that area so just search the buildings. As I’m sure you figured out already, there is no baby being born they are just drunks. Pick the lock, enter the room and complete the quest.

Gas Mask Man: Talk to Musa in the fishing village to get this quest. Go to the way point and open the shutter to meet Shakur. He wants you to get his treasure that is at the bottom of the river. Go to just about the center of the way marker and head down. The boat is in a very deep part so use your survivor sense to find the treasure. Return to Shakur to find out more about the guy who cut the chain.

Return to the village and talk to the guard at the gate. Search all three houses until you find the gas mask in Gursel’s house. Go talk to Gursel to figure out why he did it. After that return to Musa to finish the quest.

Where’s My Mother?: Talk to Meliha to in the fishing village to get this quest. Pound on the door and then pick the lock to gain access to the house. Check the house and the go talk to the guy fishing to find out where Harun is. Jump into the water and swim to the area under the bridge where Harun is. After you talk to Harun go talk to Yasmina.

After that head to the way point for the red house. The house is very red so you can’t really miss it. Clear out all the zombies then use the shelves to block the doors. After you secure the house go talk to Jamil up in the room. Once it is secure go up to the next way point and check the workshop. He sounds an alarm that alerts all the fast zombies in the area so be ready for a fight. After they are dead take the guy out and loot his keys. Go inside and move the shelf to reveal a trap door. Take that down stairs and free the woman to complete the quest.

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The Prodigal Son: Talk to Alexi at his tower and he will say his son went to join the people at the Tower. Go to the Tower and ask around about him until you find out where he is. Head outside the Tower and make your way towards him. Once you get to the hotel you will have to clear out the zone for the survivors. Close the door, restore the power and then kill all the zombies. After that go open up the boss and talk to Kristov. Once you return to Alexi and protect him you will beat the quest.

A Survivor’s Guide To Zombieland: You get this from Neil at the boat launch. Head to the way point and unlock the door to the satchel. There is a suicide zombie in there so take cover behind the desk or get out of the room before it blows. After you clear the area grab the satchel and then you will need to get the camera.

The camera is on the bridge in Neil’s car. The car is leaning off the bridge towards the middle and when you click it, it falls into the ocean. Jump in after it and loot the camera out of the trunk. Once you get the camera return to Neil to turn in the quest.

The Big Bang Thesis: You will get this while exploring the Slums after you return the dynamite to Jaffar. Talk to Kurt and he will tell you to get a truck battery from the highway. Clear out the zombies near there and use your survivor sense to find the battery. Return to Kurt once you have it. After that you might have to go scavenging for crafting supplies. I had everything I needed at this point so I turned it all in right away. You will need to wait a few minutes for the next part of the quest.

Once you get the second part of the quest you can test the bomb. Grab it off the table and head to the tunnel to test it out. Go to the safe zone near the tunnel and make it night time. Sneak into the tunnel and place the bomb and exit the tunnel. After that go back into the tunnel and re use the bomb to activate it. Head back to Kurt to complete the quest and get the blueprint.

Total Security: Talk to Jaffar after you do part of The Big Bang Thesis to get this quest. Head to the way point and you will get the objective to turn off the generators. Clear out the zombies around the doors and unlock them. After you turn off the power climb to the top of the building and pick up the recorder on the chair.

Assault And Batteries: I got this one while I was going to the school. Once you get it go to the school and talk to the brothers to get an objective. Head to the bus station and look in the front of three buses to get your batteries. There are a ton of zombies around this area so expect some fighting. Return to the brothers for your reward.

Hardware: After running around in the city for bit I was contacts by the brothers again. You will need to give them 10 rolls of Duck Tape and 10 Power cables to complete this quest. I had the Duck Tape but I needed to scavenge the Cables from the way point. Clear the area out and grab all the Cables, in case you need some later. Return to the brothers for the next part of the quest.

Yet again you are climbing up the bridge to do your objective. If you have the safe spot already just die inside the pillar to auto warp there.Go on the bridge and use the police van near the pillar to start you climb up. Once you are up the first part of the pillar use the zip line to get to the other side of the bridge. Go inside the door and use the yellow pipe to climb up and then jump to the higher part of the inside of the pillar. Use the climbable spot in the middle to get up even further into the pillar and once you are outside cross the ledge to the other pillar. Climb the outside of this pillar to the top and cross over to the safe zone if you don’t already have it. Once you do that climb the scaffolding on the outside and follow it around to the zip line.

Once you land stick to the high ground of the tents because there are a ton of zombies. Head all the way to the end of the bridge and clear out all the zombies in that area. In the last tents if you use your survivor sense you can find the Sonar on a table. I would stick around and get all the loot possible if I were you because there is a ton of great stuff around. After you are done there go the broken part of the bridge and jump off to get out of the area.

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Witch Queen: You get this from Dahlia at the Bazaar. This is anther night mission you will have to do. Go the safe zone near there and sleep until night. Head to the way point at night and dive into the water. You have to swim through and underwater cave to end up in the cave with the mushrooms. The night enemies stopped following me once I got into the water. Once inside the cave use your flashlight and survivor sense to find the mushrooms on the wall. Don’t worry there are only normal zombies inside the cave. You will have to jump to the ledges at the top to get the last bit of mushrooms. Once you have the mushrooms return to a safe zone and make it day then return to Dahlia.

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  1. There is two quest i dont see listed that i did and that is The Shadow of the King and The launch which is the next part after you get the sonar which you go back into the sewers at the top of the map in slums to activate

      1. The shadow of the king is mainly done in Old town. The Launch is an antenna quest, the two brothers (who think the player is stupid) leads to “the launch” quest. Not sure about Shadow of the King

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