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Dying Light Guide: Tower Side Quest Guide

Dying Light Guide: Tower Side Quest Guide

The Tower is one of the first areas in Dying Light that you can get side quests. Helping the citizens will net you bonus experience, loot, cash and weapon upgrades. This guide will make sure you can find them all and complete them while you are going along!

Dying Light Tower Side Quests Guide

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Mother’s Day Guide

You will get the quest right after you return to the Tower from your first main mission. You will need to go find Gazi in his house. Make this your active quest and head to the way marker to speak with Gazi. He is is in the large red house with two floors. On your way there be sure to unlock the safe houses in case it turns night also.

First go to the way point for the movie Charlie. You will need to unlock the door to the movie store to get the movie. Once you go inside the alarm will sound so go to he back left corner for the C category. Look on the shelf and pick up Charlie and dip out. If there are alot of zombies use firecrackers to escape. While you are in this area you might want to look near the tunnel entrance for a police van to try and open.

To get inside the room with the chocolate you will need to open up the shutters from the outside. Toss some firecrackers to distract the zombies then go to the back room. In there check up on the shelf to find the chocolate. Once you return you have to get up to the roof.

Go across the water and jump up the rocks that looks like stairs until you can get onto the yellow pipe. Take that pipe until you have to get off and drop down to the platform below. Go to the part where the railing is broke and look up for another yellow pipe to cross. Keep going until you have to get off on a ledge. Drop down to another platform and use the triple yellow pipes to cross over to the other side. Once you are above the house jump over the railing to get onto the roof. There is a wooden hatch that you can open to get inside the house. Once inside talk to Gazi and then you can finally collect the medicine. You can leave the house the same way you came in by grabbing the ledge to the roof.

Goodnight Mr. Bahir

Talk to Brijesh on the 20th floor to get this quest. Once you have it you will need to unlock the door so craft a lockpick if you need one. Once inside talk to Bahir and after that grab the vial next to him on the floor. After you are done talking to him go down to the 18th floor and talk to doctor Lena. Then finally head up to the roof and talk with Yusuf to figure out where the supplier is.

Once you leave the Tower make this your active quest and head to the way point. Once you get to the drug store go around back and jump over the part without barbed wire and talk to Bento. There will be a fight after you talk to him so bring a med kit just in case. If you want to kill the Bandits quickly just use some Moltovs on them. Be sure to loot the bodies and their weapons so you can make a bit of extra cash after you kill them all.


Talk to Dawud who is standing in his doorway on the 20th floor for this quest. He will want you to bring him a gun so he can leave. I found a pistol inside a locked police van while exploring Harran. The drops in there are random but I think once you start dealing with enemy humans the odds of finding a gun increases. The locks are very hard so you will need to use a few lock picks to open them.

After you give him the gun go to the pawn shop and collect your loot and the action figure for his kid. There’s a ton of crafting supplies and a few low tier weapons inside. After that return to the tower and figure out what happen to Dawud.


Timur near the elevator had the ! on him but when I talked to him he said “Good Job Mr. Crane” and that was it. I’m not sure if that was a bug or not so if anyone has any details please leave a comment.


Talk to Jared near the trading post to get this quest. He will tell you to talk to Alfie on the lower floor of the Tower. This quest has to be done at night so you will be doing a ton of sneaking. Take it slow to each sub station and have your UV light ready in case you get caught. Remember it will take them a couple seconds to spot you in the dark so if the eye is turning red just book it. Stick to the high ground as much as possible so avoid them. Both the doors are locked near the lurkers so wait for them to pass before opening it. I was only able to get two my first night so I had to wait until another night to do the last one.

The last one is filled to the brim with zombies and a few hunters. Once I got inside I jumped on the transformers and followed them to the building. The building is on the south side of the area and you have to open the door. Once you are inside close the door behind and flip the switch to be done with this quest.


Every now and then you will find a Shield icon on the map while you travel. These are escort missions that aren’t counted as mission but give decent rewards. If you have the time and weapons give one a shot and see if you like them.

Dying Light Mother's Day Guide

Gassed Up

Alfie will contact you with the mission on your way back to the Tower from Rais. Head to the way point to find the Jeff Fortress and Jeff. There is a spot where no barbed wire is on the wall that you can climb over. Climb up to the top of the house and talk to Jeff to get the rest of the quest.

The first valve is inside one of the tunnels so bring firecrackers to distract the zombies. Once you make it to the door clear out any zombies inside and use the valve in the back.

The second valve is in a barbed wire area with a giant zombie roaming. Use the billboard near the bridge to get on top of the bridge and drop down into the barbed wire area. I used firecrackers to distract the zombie while I used the valve. To escape jump up the yellow pipes and over the fence.

The last valve is under the high way area with a spitter and bloater inside. Use firecrackers to draw them together and the bloater should detonate most of them. Clear out any lurkers and open the valve.

Head to the next way marker and you will notice the valve is to an area you can’t get to at the moment. You should see a pipe down below that you can take from the other side of the road. Go over the road and drop into the water and swim through the pipe to the area with the valve. Instead of fighting the big zombie just toss fire crackers into the tunnel and use the valve while he’s distracted. After you go that quickly get out because it is about to blow up.

Finally you have to close all the blue valve switches up above. Clear out any of the zombies and close all three blue line valves to finish up. The valves are all near the fire coming out of the blue pipes.


When you return to the Tower talk to Alfie for this mission. Go to the fishing village and go under the bridge. Climb up on the concrete part in the water and take the door that’s open on there. Climb the yellow pipes up to the first platform. On that platform take the second yellow pipes up to the next platform. On the next platform that the other climbable thing until you make it to the red door and unlock it. Once you are on the bridge, cross to the other pillar and use the police van to start climb up. Once you make it up the platform to the door you can open use the line to cross to the other side. When you cross over be ready for a minor zombie fight. Make sure you don’t fall off like I did!

From there climb the yellow pipe up even further until you make it back outside. Be careful of the holes in the floor around here and climb the other side of the bridge. Once you get to the top and cross the next side you will enter a safe zone with a bed. This is where you should start the quest. Go outside the safe zone and start grabbing the lights that have a green mini light on them. Once you get the first set use the line right next to the safe house door to collect the next set. Once you have them all climb back up and go back to day time.

On The Hook

Talk to the messenger in the Tower to get this quest. Once you go outside the brothers will call you over the radio so you can meet them. Head to the warehouse and follow it around until you find a yellow pipe you can jump to. Use that pipe to jump onto the light and then go up to the roof. Look for the hole down into the warehouse and with FULL hp drop down. From there use the boxes to take the ladder up above the area you need to be in.

Walk to the red crate and the area will collapse you and will be on the floor. Use your survivor sense to find an item that looks like it’s inside some crates. Bust the crates and take the item. Once you have the item clip up the shelves and back out the way you dropped in. Once you are back up top go the other way to find the exit to the warehouse. Return to the brothers to complete the quest.

Steal From A Thief

Talk to Deniz near the quartermaster to start this quest. Head to Jaffar and talk to him and he will want you to check out the construction site. In order to get into the construction site you will have to use the bridge and jump in. Be sure to bring Moltovs because you will be fighting guys with assaults rifles. Keep the high ground and toss them down onto the guys with rifles and the other enemies. After they are all dead be sure to loot all the rifles and ammo.

After they are dead check the buildings for keys to open the locked building. Once you do that open the crate at the end an collect the dynamite. Return to Jaffar with the Dynamite for your reward.

Tunnel Vision

Talk to Blake near the exit of the tower to get this quest on the map. Once you get to the house with the red smoke open the door to get a list of things you need to collect. Head to the safe area and talk to Aziz near the shop owner to get most of your supplies. I found my package in the lower of the two tunnels. Use your survivor sense to find the the cars you can loot and the item is a cardboard box.

Return to Aman and he will give you something to give to Ryan. Go back to Ryan and kill all the thugs to complete the quest. Moltovs work great on human enemies.

Dying Light To Steal From A Thief Guide

Cease And Desist

A couple of guys in the Tower will let you know there people going into the school. Once you get there talk to Erol to pick up this quest. Head to the Slabs and run around the buildings until you hear Karim on the radio. Loot the radio and they will tell you to come in the basement. You are looking for a building with the number 5 on it, it is a blue one. Once you find it enter the basement. Fight your way though the basement and then use the elevator at the end.

Once you get in the elevator climb the shaft to the next floor. in order to climb up the shaft you will need to use the climbable ledges to go up. If you can’t climb up anymore at a point look around for another one to jump on to so you can keep going up to the exit. Once you are on the next floor closed door in the hallway to find Karim. After you get done talking to Karim head back to the school and talk to Erol. Next he will want you to get some spray paint. One spray can is on the roof, another on the scaffolding near the ladder up to the roof and the third on the scaffolding right above the basement steps. After you get the paint head back to the school and use it on the roof.

Finally you will need to collect a duffel bag inside the school. Go around to the basement and enter that way. Go to attempt to retrieve the duffel bag from the locker to find it isn’t actually there. After that head up through the school back to the roof. You will have to fight some zombies to get to the ladder. Once on the roof go talk to Karim to finish the quest.

I am updating this as I go so be sure to check back soon for updates.

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  1. This GENERIC guide is USELESS… YOU DON’T JUST CLIMB THE ELEVATOR SHAFT IN CEASE AND DESIST… we come to these for help tips not the guide we can read on screen…

    1. Well I updated it. Useless seems like a bit much since no one else seemed to have issues with it. You need to look up and use your eyes to spot ledges and jump up those. Don’t worry sooner or later you will get a grapple hook that will make the game 20x easier for people who can’t figure out how to climb!

      1. I figured it out… You climb side to side in the back right rear corner (looking into the elevator) … and it must be in the right rear corner or it won’t work…. To simply say climb the shaft is pretty darn lame. It appears to me I am the first to comment so I did. By the way the building isn’t blue and facing the two from the road it is the right hand building and must be entered through the basement on the far right end… I’m a little frustrated at times as the game designers could have cleaned the game up just a little bit more and instead of having an 8.5 game they could have had a solid 10… perhaps patches might fix some of it… like the lock picks that have a 1/32 inch difference between opening and breaking – most controllers don’t handle those micro-movements — and going back to the standard left trigger to aim a weapon and right trigger to fire… they can fix the right thumb down which simply locks the sights and makes it impossible to move or escape quickly with placing the guns into the throw item slot when they are wanted? It would solve a lot of problems… Anyhow, I didn’t mean to rain on your parade and I know this game is what like 2 days out? So no one really has a handle on a good walk through…

          1. Good question… WHERE IS THE DARN DUFFEL BAG…I’ve been on every floor and busted open every wall locker and cabinet… and even banged on the ceiling looking for a hidden whatever… I still haven’t seen it… THIS IS THE POINT I WAS MAKING EARLIER… Generic climb the elevator shaft and go retrieve the duffel bag really isn’t a helpful guide… we figure out on our own we had to climb the shaft, but how to do it correctly is another thing. 40 minutes of experimenting isn’t fun or a challenge.. .IT IS A GAME KILLER, but leave it to the Poles to botch it up (and they wonder why so many jokes revolve around them…lol) … their HUD could use some work too…

  2. Good question Alex … WHERE IS THE DARN DUFFEL BAG…I’ve been on every floor
    and busted open every wall locker and cabinet… and even banged on the
    ceiling looking for a hidden whatever… I still haven’t seen it…
    THIS IS THE POINT I WAS MAKING EARLIER… Generic climb the elevator
    shaft and go retrieve the duffel bag really isn’t a helpful guide… we
    figure out on our own we had to climb the shaft, but how to do it
    correctly is another thing. 40 minutes of experimenting isn’t fun or a
    challenge.. .IT IS A GAME KILLER, but leave it to the Poles to botch it
    up (and they wonder why so many jokes revolve around them…lol) …
    their HUD could use some work too…

  3. IN CEASE AND DESIST… Getting Erol’s duffel bag… IT IS IN (NO LET’S BE CLEAR) IT IS NOT REALLY THERE – BUT THE WALL LOCKER IS IN THE SHOWER ROOM/CHANGING ROOM… but it is empty… WOW! All that time on a bad HUD lighting up the same location on every floor without so much as warning marker that it it either above or below like on most other parts of the game…

  4. Once you discover the bag is not there Erol will tell you he screwed you and then tell you he left you a present on the roof. You get there from the top floor of the school room via a ladder and a hatch …You will find Karim and 3 disaster relief chest and one metal chest. By the time I got done it was raining and dark… I spent the night inside the secure school location….

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