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Dying Light: The Following Freak Location And How To Kill Guide

Dying Light: The Following Freak Location And How To Kill Guide
Freaks are a new type of boss mob that you will encounter in Dying Light: The Following. The Freaks are more advanced versions of the various enemies in the game with large amounts of HP and increased damage. Use this guide to find all the Freaks in Dying Light: the Following!

Dying Light: The Following Freak Location And How To Kill Guide

Holler – Here is Holler’s Location –

Dying Light The Following Holler Location

This is likely the first one you will come across because it is on the path of an early story quest. You will be facing a very large charger called Holler. We did this in Co-op but I think you can do it solo if you are patient enough. The main idea here is to get him to charge you while you are near a door, go inside the door when he charges, power attack twice while he is stunned, and repeat. We used all of our ammo on him and that barely put a dent on the HP and normal attacks did zero. This Freak can be distracted by fire crackers so you can use that to you advantage if things get dicey. I wasn’t able to set him on fire or freeze him but toxic might work, we didn’t have anything with those stats. If you have a Co Op partner this is 20x easier because one can sit at one door and the other can sit at the second door. Take it slow and land a couple of shots each stun and you should waste him. You will get a new blueprint, EXP and some loot for beating Holler.

Beelzebufo – This is a giant spitter zombie boss and you can find him here –

Dying Light The Following Beelzebufo Location

This one isn’t nearly as bad but you do want to watch out for two things. First off there is a toxic puddle that he is sitting in, if you die in that you just die and cannot be revived there. The second is his spit attack which you should be used to dodging by now. There are 4 propane tanks you can use to damage him by tossing them near him and blowing them up. We used Stun Bolts on our crossbow to keep him staggered until he revealed his weak spot. He will start to look like he is about to throw up and then a nasty tongue looking thing will come out of his mouth, that is his weak spot. It is only out for about 5 seconds so do as much damage as you can. You will most likely be at a distance so use strong bolts or a strong gun like a shotgun.

Thor – You can find this freak on the map here –

The Following Thor Location

Thor looks strong but he is actually very easy with the right items. The easiest way to kill Thor is with flammable liquid. We used two on him and we lured him through the lit oil patches and he burned alive in seconds. His oil fires will kill you if you stay in them to long, like you can’t be revived there type thing. With flammable liquid you can turn those fires against him and beat him quick.

We are updating this as we go so check back soon for updates!!

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