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Dying Light: The Following Side Quest Guide

Dying Light: The Following Side Quest Guide
Dying Light: The Following introduces a bunch of anew side quests for you to do for extra EXP and loot. The quests start simple enough but soon get more in-depth and challenging. Check out this Dying Light: The Following Side Quest Guide to get through them with no trouble at all!

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Dying Light: The Following Side Quest Guide

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It will take you about an hour to get to the first set of side quests.

The Mechanic – You will get this quest from the board at Jasir’s Farm. You will need to go to the Gas Station and meet up with Bilal. This will get you some paint jobs for your buggy. He will also have a second quest for you.

Strange Noises – Another quest you will get from the board at Jasir’s Farm. For this one you will need to go to the park and find out what is making that weird noise. Go to the park and you will see a well. Drop down the well and you will find one of those kid zombies that likes to scream. Take the kid out and then jump into the water and follow the lights. This will lead to the dad who has also been wounded, talk to him to complete this quest and Well That’s A Cave at the same time.

Down The Rabbit Hole – This one is actually pretty tough so if you are going to try it, make sure you are ready. They want you to destroy to Volatile Hive that is located near the Old Gloomy Ridge. In order to clear out a Hive you will need to kill the three nasty looking humanoid things stuck to the ground. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend you do this in co op because it will be hard solo. Clear out the three and then get out.

Buggy Grail – You get this quest from Bilal at his gas station. He wants you to go loot a Silas Truck that is on the highway and return to him with the parts. You can make the jump with you buggy to the platform the truck is on, but it is safer to just jump and warp it there because it becomes a safe house. Talk to the guy in the truck and you will beat the quest, this guy sells buggy upgrades.

Power To The People – This one is a long quest so be ready. You get the quest from Belal after the power goes out in his garage. You will need to collect a power transformer from the tower near where you did the Buggy Grail quest. You cannot use your grapple to climb so you will need to do it the old fashion way. Climb up on the outside and get to the top, if you hold your item sense button you can see what you need to collect. Carefully walk out to it and interact with it to kick it down to the floor. Go down and grab it then head to the power plant to find Ali.

Ali is actually in the middle of the zombie horde but he is protected by some sort of magic chanter, not sure what it is at the moment. He will ask you to go activate the power inside the damn. When you get inside you will be greeted by a mini boss mob who is actually pretty annoying. The only way I could damage him was power attacks so I had to wait for him to charge and stun himself then I would attack. Get a couple attacks in and then back out. It’s an annoying fight but if you got medkits you should make it out after a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to loot him, I got a legendary two-handed axe of him.

Activate the power and then you will need to activate a second power source down below. Go through the hole in the floor and use your grapple to get up on the ledge near the next way point. Turn on the next power source and head out through the sewers. Go back to Ali and protect him while he turns the power back on. There will be a few infected that rush you, take them out and keep Ali alive to win the quest.

Well That’s A Cave – You get this quest from the Bilal quest board at his gas station. You will need to find the creature that keeps stealing food from the survivors. This quest connects with the Strange Noises quest. Go to the park for the Strange Noises quest and jump down the well. Follow the lights through the water and on the other side you will find an exit to the cave. Talk to the guys outside and you will complete the quest.

Heart Of Darkness – You also get this from the Bilal quest board. This is another quest to destroy a Volatile Hive. This Hive has 4 Humanoids you will need to kill, check for the red glows to find them. Use the water as cover if you are taking to much heat. The exit is up on a ledge, you will need to grapple up to get it.

Lazarus – We got this when we returned to Jasir’s Farm after we restored the power. You will have to avenge Ercan’s family by taking down some bandits at his farm. These bandits aren’t messing around so you should do a stealth approach with this one. Use your crossbow and take your time, if you get caught go loud and proud. I had a wicked shotgun at this point so it was pretty easy to overwhelm the bandits.

Drought – We got this when we returned to Jasir’s Farm after we restored the power. The Pump station has been taken over by bandits again and you need to clear it out again. Go up there and try to go inside. The door is locked so you will need to find a way around. Go into the lake and unlock the grate underwater and swim through the pipe. On the other side you will find the bandits you need to kill. Try to open the door to restore the power and the last bandit will come out from down below. Talk to him, kill him and take his cool looking weapon. Once your restore the power you can return for your reward.

Dying Light The following

We Don’t Go There Anymore – This is at Bilal’s Garage after you restore the power at the dam. This one is very hard so I waited until later to start it up. You will need to take out three screamers in the town. One is in a trailer, the other two are in locked houses. Use firecrackers to keep the enemies at bay while you try to pick the doors. Take out the three screamers and return to Bilal to beat the mission.

Going Postal – Another one you can get from Jasir’s Farm after you restore power. Pick up the drawing at Jasir’s desk and you will get the quest. You will need to the post office in the city to do this quest. You can get inside the post office from the roof and find the alarm in the manager’s office on the top floor. While you are there, grab the key to the mail room and go in there. Check all the packages and you will find out the package isn’t here.

Next you will need to find the mail van. Grab the key to the van and check the mail in the mail room to help out. There are two vans you will want to check. The one in the city just has letters in it but they are extra quests so grab them. The second is where the package is. Be careful on your way up because there is a charger waiting up top. I lured him behind a car and then I got the package. Return to Jasir’s Farm to turn the package in and all the letters as well.

Two Roads Diverged – One more you can get at Jasir’s Farm after restoring power for them. You will need to go find Sabit at his hut and find out why he isn’t giving out herbs anymore. You will need the grapple hook to get up to his hut and then you need to break his window to get inside. Drop down under the hut and take the rope down to the cave below. Here you will find Sabit, kill him and then use your grapple to go back up where you came down. Do not go into the hut yet. Instead, under the hut but not quite in the cave, you can find the herbs you are looking for. I would use your survivor sense to help out.

Crash Bang Boom – This quest is at Jasir’s Farm after you are accepted into The Following. You will get it after you leave the farm by roaming around. You will need to find the crashed plane near Jasir’s farm. I took a picture of where we found the plan on the map.

Dying Light Plane Location OnMap

The Thrill Of The Chase – This quest is on the board in Jasir’s Farm after you meet the Mother for the first time. You need to do to Adam’s house to find out about the weapons that are mentioned in the paper. The apartment is in the city and surrounded by Zombies. First thing you want to do is clear out the big tower near the apartment, this has a screamer and it will just keep going if you don’t kill it. After that you will want to go down the ground level of the smaller building and find the shutter you can open. Inside you can find a hatch on the floor that leads under both of the buildings. Follow the path in the back of the area into the apartment and start searching for clues.

There are 4 sets of clues that make up 4 different treasure quests. They are on the paintings, furniture, in closes and on the floor. Use your survivor sense to help you find them in the apartment.

The Thrill Of The Chase: Sea From Way Up – This is in a cave under the lighthouse. If you go to the end of the orange marker on the map, you can drop down into a cave. The entrance is covered with some moss and vines. Go inside, jump down into the water and follow it to the chest with a new gun.

The Thrill Of The Chase: Six Feet Under – This one will take you to the graveyard for a treasure. This is the only weapon you don’t actually get to use. I think the name said Smith but I forgot to write it down when I pulled it back. I took a picture of where I was on the map to help you guys out.

Dying Light The FOllowing Tombstone Location

The Thrill Of The Chase: A Rocky Riverbed – This chest is found under the dead tree on a hill. You will need to grapple up to the top of the hill to find the tree. It is a massive dead tree with some orange and red cloth hanging on it. If you look down you can see some rocks that look like the lead under the tree. Grapple down there and you should see the cave. Take out the screamer and grab the chest.

The Thrill Of The Chase: Wishing Well – This is for the last treasure and it is near where you first met the mother. When you are taking the cave up the mountain, look over the railing to see a pool of water down below. Jump into the water and start swimming down, make sure you flashlight is on. The chest is down there, follow the red blinking plant things.

Run, Bolter, Run – I know I got this from Jasir but I don’t remember when. You have to hunt down a Bolter and get a liver from him. This one is actually pretty annoying because the Bolter spawn is random. You will want to bring stunbolts for your crossbow for this mission as well. You will have to check each nest until a Bolter spawns at one. They spawn in the day now so you won’t have to hunt them at night. When you find one, get 40 or so meters out and take the shot with the crossbow. It should die in a shot and you can grab the liver from there.

The Ties That Bind – You get this from Jasir after meeting The Mother. You will need to go check a farm for Ezgi. She is not there, you need to check the bodies near the car to confirm and then go to their campsite. There are some strong enemies around here to be ready for a fight. When you clear them all out, Ezgi is in the trailer on top of the elevated ground. She will ask you to clear out the nearby tunnel and any remaining enemies in camp, this includes the road near it. Head up to the tunnel and clear that as well, there will be a couple of Volatiles in there. I used my flares and shotgun to take them out.

Secret Project – This mission is from the Twins after you help them with a mission earlier. They will want you to come to their new safe house to talk with them. I forgot what they wanted first but I had way more than enough supplies from the original game and I handed it over. Then the Twins need fuel to do their experiment. I already had 12 but if you don’t check the gas stations and cars on the road for extra fuel. I waited at a safe house a couple nights when they wanted me to wait.

Rocket Waggoon – You will get this from the Twins as you are going the opposite direction of them. They want you to get the fuel line from the air plane that was crashed earlier. Go to the way point and grab the fuel line. Return to the Twins and watch the magic.

Reclamation – In this quest you need to beat the toughest Demolisher named Holler. I’ve found the solution how to beat him fast. You don’t need to have hundreds of grenades or something else like that. Just shoot to his head(better to aim for the face) as many times as possible (I shot approx. 25 times with impact bolt using a crossbow). When you destroy his helmet the Demolisher can be beaten with 15 shots to head, it took about 10 minutes. Thanks to Timur Sheriyazdan for the comment about this one we missed!

We are updating this as we go so check soon for more updates!

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  1. Thanks for your guideline for Dying Light: The Following.
    It seems to be you forgot to mention about one more side quest, named Reclamation.
    In this quest you need to beat the taughest demolitesher named Holler.

    I’ve found the solution how to beat him fast. You don’t need to have hundreds of grenades or something else like that.

    Just shoot to his head (better to face) as many as possible (I shot approx. 25 times with impact bolt using a crossbow). When you destroy his helmet the demolisher can be beaten with 15 shots to head.
    And I spent about 10-15, minutes to kill him
    Hope it helps to you!

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