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How To Earn Money Fast In Watch Dogs 2

How To Earn Money Fast In Watch Dogs 2
Money talks in Watch Dogs 2’s world of San Francisco and whether you’re looking for some new weapons or some new rags, you’ll want plenty of cash. This how to earn money fast in Watch Dogs 2 guide features tons of tips and tricks to ensure your bank account has just the right number of 0’s.

How To Earn Money Fast In Watch Dogs 2

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] There’s a huge variety of ways you can earn money quickly in Watch Dogs 2. We’ve compiled a detailed list below of all the different methods of earning lots of cash quickly so you can purchase the more expensive items in the game such as high-end weapons and the latest fashions.

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Robbing Civilians
One of the earliest opportunities of earning money fast in Watch Dogs 2 and one of the most basic. When you’re exploring San Francisco simply target civilians and hit L1/LB followed by X/A. Sometimes this will intercept a text message or eavesdrop a phone call but keep an eye out for the $ mark for the ones with the cash. This is especially effective when trying, quickly targeting civilians in cars and taking the cash from their accounts. The best way to utilize this particular tactic is to invest in the Social Engineering skill tree. Pick up the Improved Profiler skill to have profiles of nearby people with large bank accounts automatically flagged via a large blue square. Sadly it’s still only $400-$500 each time but it soon adds up.

Grabbing Cash Bags
This is one of the most lucrative options when it comes to getting lots of money in Watch Dogs 2. Scattered throughout the game world are cash bags marked with a $ icon on the map. There are two types of bags, small lunch style paper bags and full gym kit style bags. The smaller ones usually net you $4000-$5000 but the big ones are closer to $20,000 per time. If you use the hacker vision ability you can typically see the shape of the bag from quite a distance. If it involves a lot of climbing or using cranes sometimes it’s best to ignore it unless it’s a big bag, as they can also contain unique clothing items.

Selling Items
You don’t have an actual inventory in Watch Dogs 2 but you can still sell items. Whenever you grab a cash bag you get random loot items, such as mobile phones, watches etc. You also have a small chance of getting these every time you break into a car, from the glove box. These items disapear into an inventory you cannot check so it’s easy to forget you’ve got a potential gold mine in your pocket. Every couple of hours make sure to head to a Pawn Shop, marked by a ring icon on your map. You can instantly sell all of your loot items here and although it won’t make you a millionaire, it’ll definitely bolster your bank balance when combined with the other tips.

Persons of Interest
Throughout the Watch Dogs 2 Main Operations line you’ll encounter a number of VIP or important characters in the story. Often you’ll be tasked with taking these people out. As it’s a lot easier to take down large groups from range or with gadgets, it can be very easy to flee before looting. Make sure you check the bodies of boss enemies as they can contain lots of cash.

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