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How To Earn Quick Money (Bits) In Digimon World: Next Order

How To Earn Quick Money In Digimon World: Next Order
Money is something you will always need more of in Digimon World Next Order. Training, food, healing items and even travel will always cost you some money. Check out this article to find out How To Earn Quick Money In Digimon World: Next Order.

Digimon World: Next Order How To Earn Quick Cash (Bits)

You will want to get both the upgrades for more Bits in your trainer menu to maximize the profit here. Head to the Bony Drive area and then go up to the Celeb Red Room.

When you enter the Celeb Red Room a Wizardmon will attack you. When you beat him he will give you 3000 Bits. Leave the room and re-enter to face him again for another 3000 Bits. You can keep doing this over and over until you run out of stamina and earn money very quickly. You will probably run out of Stamina before you actually run out of time in-game for your day. You can also rest in the tent to help restore stamina and cook there when your Digimon are hungry.

This area has a Vending machine that sells Milk for 200 bits a pop. Pick up a bunch so you can make Milksahkes when you cook in your tent. These give good stamina restoration and aren’t super filling. When you leave the Red Room there are a bunch of Clear Augumon that will try to fight you. They drop alot of fruit so if you need fruit, farm them. If you don’t need the fruit, turn around before they attack you and re-enter the room quickly to just face the Wizardmon for 3000 Bits. The Augumon put together 900 Bits and 3 fruit normally, the Wizardmon is worth more due to Stamina issues.

We are looking for other easy cash spots in Digimon World: Next Order but so far this seems to be the quickest and easiest way to do it.

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  1. another good way is to do the space time dungeons after you recruit devimon, if your digimon are strong enough, you can get about 10k per dungeon

    also a tip for getting super strong digimon is to extend the life of the digimon, this is done by either certain foods in the restaurant, rotten melons and talking to the royal knights in the dungeons, this will give you more time to max out your stats.

    1. What dungeons do you mean? I managed to beat dynasmon and not sure if another one. How do I extend my life?

  2. sakuyamon sells a special drink for 50000 that increases life of the digimon and a good thing to farm money is to go fishing in the seadramon fishing zone 3 with one of the specials baits you can get more than 100000

  3. Etemon trick make a lot o bits too. you buy itens when blue and sell when red also you can save your game before sleep. Also black weregarurumon on cemetery give you 10,000 bits.

    1. This is true, this is way faster and better than the wizardmon thing, but I guess Weregarurumon is more end-game farming.

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