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Easy Trophy & Achievement Guides Issue #3

Easy Trophy & Achievement Guides Issue #3

Well slightly delayed but here it is easy trophy/achievements issue #3. So after destroying the armies of Wu Wei and Shu as well as taking down the terminator, it’s time to go retro. Yup today we will be playing Sonic’s ultimate genesis collection. Basically this is a collection of old school Sega games with trophy/achievements added. Most of these you will easily get on your own. I will go over the more difficult ones below.

The first difficult trophy/achievement is in Columns. Thankfully Columns has a trick to it. Things coming down on you to fast? Hit pause and plan your blocks making this an easy trophy/achievement.

Next difficult trophy/achievement is in Comix Zone. I’ll be honest… I hate this game so we are going to cheat and get through it. Go to options then jukebox and press circle on the following numbers. 14, 15, 18, 5, 13, 1, 3, 18, 15, 6 and you should hear Oh yeah. Then press o on track three and the trophy should unlock making this an easy trophy/achievement.

Not so much a hard trophy/achievement but could take forever is Vectorman: 2. They want you to fight all the way to level 11… No thanks. When you get into the game press start and press up, right, square/X, triangle/Y, square/X, down, left, square/X, down then start.(Ps3/Xbox360). Move the first line to the right until you see Dig 2 pick it and you will you will have an easy trophy/achievement.

Okay this one was the most difficult trophy/achievement in the game for me. Yatta! is beating Mean Bean Machine. Once I made it to Eggman I actually lost about 5 times and then he went into overdrive for a super play and it killed him. The AI isn’t so smart so sooner or later it will kill itself. Also on ps3 you can hit the ps button and see the screen still making it easier, I’m not sure about 360.

In all honesty the rest are easy trophy/achievements and some of them games don’t even have them. So there you have it issue #3 is Sonic’s ultimate genesis collection. Enjoy taking a trip back to the good ole days.


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