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Easy Trophy/Achievements #2

Easy Trophy/Achievements #2


As noted in my last easy trophy/achievement post I showed you the absurdly easy Terminator Salvation. This time we will be going back in time a bit to ancient China to play a bit of Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires.

This one is extremely easy but a bit time consuming. First order of business for these easy trophies/achievements is to beat the 5 scenarios in which ever order you want. Make your own custom character and use it to beat the kingdom mode battles. This is the most time consuming part for the easy trophies/achievements.

After doing that you should have a fair amount of points to start unlocking all the bonuses which is needed to complete the trophy/achievements. Go to the main menu click bonuses and buy all the wallpapers, outfits and voices. You can skip the others unless you really want them.

The last part for the easy trophies/achievements is to play a battle and win it with every notable general. By notable I mean unique ones not the ones with faces like 10 other officers. Its pretty simple actually just go in be a mercenary and pick a wolf or tiger fight. Clear the mission and you get the trophy for them. It should only take about 5 minutes per character.

With that you should of finished off Dynasty Warrior 6: Empires. Check back in a few weeks for the next issue of easy trophies/achievements.

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