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Eden Eternal Cheats? How To Level Fast

Eden Eternal Cheats
Are you looking for a Eden Eternal Cheat to level up really fast? Well, it may not be a real cheat but we have one of the quickest methods of leveling up quickly right here on GamersHeroes.

First of all, when you create your character, you will only have a choice between the warrior and magician.
Secondly, it would be wise to find a partner for the couple bonus as when a couple fight together they both receive a +10% bonus to experience and CP.

The first is a tank class and the latter is a range DPS, choose which ever one you want as a level 5 you will unlock the cleric class, this class is the can be very useful in melee combat as you will be able to heal yourself but once you get to level 10 you will access to the hunter class, this class may not appear as good as the cleric but once you get your class level up to 5 with the hunter class you will gain the ability to summon a tiger to fight with you, the tiger effectively acts as your tank so that your character doesn’t get hit, It also has a sizable attack power so it will always do significant damage to the enemy that your fighting.

Once you’ve decided what class you’re going to play at first (not that it matters to much as you change between them at any time after level 5), you will need to get to level 5, this is best done by completing quests in the first area as you get things like a dog that picks up items and some other minor things, although it’s still very quick just to grind out the low levels.

Once you’re level 5, you will need to switch to the cleric class, with this class, you can use an attack called Cyclone, this ability is an AOE attack that deals a fair amount of damage, even at higher levels, also a cleric can use the move “life cure”, this move is a healing spell, what it does is it heals the target over time and it stacks up to 5 times on one target.

Using the cyclone and life cure combo, you will be able to use this otherwise physically weak class as a solo farming class and you will be able to fight large amounts of enemies at the same time. This is useful as for many quests you are required to kill enemies.

There is 5 different types of quests that you will encounter, there are;

Kill enemies.
Kill enemies for drops
Travel to X location.
Talk to Y npc.
Collect Z item.

These are grouped into; combat and travel.

Since the combat quests are the most common you will likely spend most of your time early on as a cleric killing large groups of enemies faster than any other available class until you gain the hunter class.

To get to level 25 quickly you will either have to use the cleric’s tornado/life cure combo or use a hunter with the tiger.
Using either of these will work at these levels, and as most tasks you’re given are combat related you won’t have much of a problem gaining levels.

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