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El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron – Fire Nephilim Guide

El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron - Fire Nephilim Guide

The next boss in El Shaddai Ascension Of  The Metatron is the Fire Nephilim. It is a giant one of those white Nephilim with more arms. This guide will help you bring it down quickly. Let’s get on with it. 

Bringing down the next boss in El Shaddai Ascension Of  The Metatron isn’t that hard actually. The fire nephilim only has a few attack and they are pretty simple to dodge. I used the ranged weapon for the most part since you can just spam attack it from a distance and still hurt it.

The first stage is simple all it will really do is try to slam you with its arm and spin around. Dodge the arm when it comes down and when it spins jump over the lower arm and be sure to be below the upper one. Hit the arm when he misses you and eventually his head will fall. Hit the head and he will drop down below you.

The second part starts when he comes back up. His eyes will shoot lasers which you can easily dodge. They only go out in the five directions of his eyes so stay between them and you’ll be fine. Along with his previous moves he will launch bombs from the top of his head at you which can be easily dodge by moving from where you were at when he fired. After you hurt his head enough he will fall once more.

The last part he will rise up yet again and shoot lasers. After that he will be able to shoot lasers at you from a distance and move them do jump over them if you have to. He will also shoot more bombs then before making them harder to dodge. Lastly he will go back and try to slam himself onto you. Move out of the way and hit him once he misses because he will be a bit stunned. Keep it up and you’ll finish him.

After a cut scene you will have won.I didn’t actually use my over drive but I’m sure it would of been a faster fight if I had. I thought it would be a two parter so I saved it.

That will finish the El Shaddai Ascension Of  The Metatron Fire Nephilim boss guide. Check back soon for the next boss guide.

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