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El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron – Sariel Guide

El Shaddai Ascension Of The Metatron - Sariel Guide

The next boss in El Shaddai Ascension Of  The Metatron is the fallen angel Sariel. You can finally win against him so don’t just let him hit you. This is actually a two part fight and the first part is very easy. Follow this guide to finish him off quickly. Time to purify him. 

As I said before the first part of the El Shaddai Ascension Of  The Metatron boss fight Sariel is extremely easy. You won’t even need a guide most likely but I’ll just tell you what I did.

Sariel will shoot bats at you which you can block or dodge. He will also make them come up from the ground to hit you. Avoid it.

All the weapons appear and I used the shield to just break his armor quick. Once he falls he will pop back up and push you back. After that just keep going until he transforms.

The second part of the El Shaddai Ascension Of  The Metatron Sariel boss fight will have him transform into a bat. He has to beat you at first so you can learn some new moves. You will now be able to use over boost.

Once you get back to the fight wait for him to attack then use your over boost. He will fall to the ground. Use your special by clicking the over boost button again and he will fly up after it’s over. Now all the weapons will appear and it’s time to bring him down.

He will now fly around and pick you up if he can so avoid him. He will also put down a purple flame circle. Avoid it because it hurts you.

He is weak to the shield but I used the ranged weapon to knock him out of the sky then switched to the shield when he fell to damage him.

When his crystals turn red he will start using the bats from underground again and just start charging you. Dodge them both and knock him over. Once he is down use the over boost special on him to finish them job. After the cut scene Sariel will be put into his prison and you will have won.

That will end the El Shaddai Ascension Of  The Metatron Sariel boss guide. Check back soon for the next boss guide.

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