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Elden Ring Prophecy Painting Guide

Another painting you can find in Elden Ring is the Prophecy Painting that leads to some treasure. Check out this Elden Ring Prophecy Painting guide to find out where it is and where to get the loot. This way you aren’t looking in all the wrong spaces.

Elden Ring Prophecy Painting Guide

You can find the painting in the Castle here on the map.

Elden Ring Prophecy Painting Guide 2

Go to the Liftside site of grace and then go out into the courtyard with all the enemies. If you keep to the right wall and follow it into the courtyard, you will find some doors that lead to the painting. Once you have the painting you will then need to head down to the weeping area in the south.

Elden Ring Prophecy Painting Guide 3

Go outside and behind the church. Go around the cliff until you see the spirit sitting down and painting. Go up to it and you will be rewarded with some new Ashes that can summon the birds from the castle. They are very annoying and can keep enemies busy while you do your thing. The bird also does a decent amount of damage but the down side is that you can only summon one. Up to you if you want a pack of animals or a very annoying bird.

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