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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide: The Oldest Orc Guide

ESO The Oldest Orc Guide

During the quest Thwarting the Aldemeri Dominion you will find a lost Orc with a quest you can do. The Orc is locked in a magic prison and you will need to do a puzzle to get him out. This guide will help you beat the quest with no trouble at all!

The Oldest Orc

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ESO Mountain

After you talk to the Orc you will see the glowing tiles on the floor that you can interact with. You need to click each on in the right order and then the Orc will be free. The only tip you get from the Orc is that the order has something to do with time. Each of the tiles is one of the lord stones you can find scattered throughout the world. Be sure to follow the order correctly so you can avoid dealing with the ghosts.

The order of the tiles goes the Ritual, the Lover, the Lord, the Mage, the Shadow, the Steed, the Apprentice, the Warrior, the Lady, the Tower, the Atronach, and lastly the Thief. Go over each of the tiles and decompress them in that order and the Orc will be free and you can turn the quest in. Tell the Orc he can leave and he will give you a decent two handed axe as well as some gold and experience. Now you can head back out to the desert and continue questing out there.
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That will end the Oldest Orc guide, check back soon for more Elder Scrolls Online guides!

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