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Elder Scrolls Online – How To Kill Gutstripper (Mage’s Guild)

How To Kill Gutstripper In The Elder Scrolls Online
A question that appeared throughout beta and one that continues to plague the adventurers of Tamriel, how to kill the Gutstripper in The Elder Scrolls Online? Gutstripper presents quite a challenge for players as it’s one of the first serious boss battles and one that can be accessed well before a player is physically equipped to handle the fight. The suggested level for the quest is level 8 but players as high as level 9 have described the battle as “impossible”. I was unfortunate enough to engage the Gutstripper at level 5 with severely damaged gear and low level items – mostly level 3 gear.

In a straight up fight it’s likely Gutstripper will tear you apart every time and as the exit is such a distance, it’s very easy to become frustrated with the two choices. A long walk back or the constant death and respawns from combat.

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The technique I used could be labelled as an exploit but it’s really just using the terrain to your advantage and Gutstrippers lack of ability to climb stairs.

Begin the fight from the middle rear area of the platform where Gutstripper sits. A stealth attack at the beginning can help so try and initiate with that if possible. From there you simply alternate between ground level and the raised alter area. Gutstripper has to run around and you’re able to just jump up.

This provides plenty of opportunity to dish out some range damage, or recover magicka and stamina for your next attack.

The video below demonstrates the technique in greater detail. If you have any questions feel free to post a comment below. Likewise if you know of other techniques for different character types, leave a comment and I’ll credit your name in the guide.

Happy hunting!

How To Kill Gutstripper

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