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The Elder Scrolls Online Tips And Tricks

The Elder Scrolls Online Tips And Tricks

The Elder Scrolls Online has a few in game tips but they miss a lot of the good stuff. These tips and tricks will help you get the edge in the ESO world. Check out what you might have been missing!

Collecting Resources

Unlike most MMOs, Elder Scrolls Online let’s you pick up any crafting material right at the start of them game. This means you should be taking any nodes you see around so you can improve all your crafting skills, or so you can sell them to make some extra cash. Don’t forget to break down any items you don’t need for research so you can get the extra materials!

Way Shrines

ESO Exploring

Way shrines are a great thing in ESO because you will be doing a TON of traveling in the game. What the game fails to mention is that by using the map to travel you are spending a lot of money. You can travel for free if you just walk or ride to the way shrine yourself, and trust me it will save you thousands of gold in the long run.

Important Quests

Some quests will give you a choice and the choice could affect your reward or the outcome of the quest further down the line. The easiest way to tell if you are going to be making an important choice is by the highlight color during conversations. IF the highlight is normal no big deal but if it is red that means you are making an important decision. Take a couple of seconds to read all the choices before you choose!

Research Traits

For some reason the research trait is after the deconstruct option in the crafting menu. In order to research traits you need to find a weapon with a trait on it then begin the research in the research rafting tab. These take hours to complete so you should begin at a very low level to ensure you have all the ones you need later in the game.

Join A Trade Guild

ESO Guild

There is no auction house in ESO so instead you need to join a trade guild and use the guild store. You can join up to 5 guilds so not being in a couple trading guilds really limits your potential profits. If you are in a guild find a person who is picking up the crafting materials you need and see if you can’t work out some sort of agreement, with them to help you get all the materials you need.

Way Stones

The way stones will give you a permanent buff until you switch stones making them a great buff. If you have the choice of only one stone take it until you can find more and don’t be afraid to check which one gives what buff! If you have this and toss in a food buff you can seriously truck through almost any solo quest without and trouble.


Alright this is a given since getting three of them nets you an extra skill point. Seriously though check out our maps, here , and get them as you go or else late game you are going to be behind everyone else. This applies to both PvE and PvP so don’t wait until it’s to late!

Elder Scrolls Online Werewolf And Vampire Giveaway

This should make your quest through ESO a bit easier! Got any tips you’d like to add? Leave a comment below and we will add it to the list!

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