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Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Maps Guide (Pre-Order Bonus) All Maps, One Page

Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Map Guide
If you were one of the many to pre-order or purchased a limited edition of The Elder Scrolls Online you’ve logged in and discovered a myriad of treasures just waiting to be discovered. This Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Maps Guide features a map for every single zone in the game complete with an easily visible marking for your buried treasure. Please note: You cannot find these chests if you did not get the Treasure Maps perk for purchasing prior to release.

You can find the maps organized in tabs below depending the the map and Alliance territory they can be found in. Note: Cyrodiil does not appear to host any Treasure Map chests.

We have an identical layout for the Skyshard maps so while you’re collecting your treasure maps why not get your Skyshards at the same time? Same tab, same place, different map. EASY SKYSHARDS! Click here.

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