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Elder Scrolls V: How To Become A Werewolf

Elder Scrolls V: How To Become A Werewolf
Werewolves are no strangers to the Elder Scrolls series, they appeared in Daggerfall, Oblivion and now in Skyrim. This Elder Scrolls V: How To Become A Werewolf guide will tell you how to catch the deadly Lycanthropy and become a fanged stalker of the shadows.

Becoming a Werewolf is very simple stuff in Skyrim, you can either be bitten by finding a natural one in the wild, quite a painful task, or you can follow a quest line to have the opportunity. First thing you need to do is make sure you’re past the Dragon quest from the Jarl of Whiterun, this is the Dragon fight with the guards at the destroyed tower. If you’re past that stage, simply head over to the Companions HQ (Jorrvaskr) and start the quest chains there. Eventually you’ll get to the quest where you begin the Werewolf ritual in the Underforge. From there, it’s just a matter of following your quest compass until you get to the right stage.

There are several benefits to becoming a Werewolf
1. Extra Health and Stamina (+100)
2. Sprint Speed Increase
3. A new shout that fears enemies and calls nearby wolves to aid you
4. You may struggle to fit through doorways
5. You need to eat to restore HP (More of a negative but eating things has to be a benefit)

There are also some negatives to being a Werewolf
1. All Guards will treat you as hostile
2. You can’t use other shouts
3. You can’t use any spells or equipment
4. You can’t pick up loot
5. Weak to Silver
6. Unable to open Map – Thanks to Guest Hero Warren
7. Random insults from guards – Thanks to Guest Hero Warren
8. You can’t get rested/well rested bonus – Thanks to Guest Hero Fluttershy
9. You cannot Sneak – Thanks to Guest Hero Fluttershy
10. You will be fined 1000 gold if you’re seen transforming – Thanks to Guest Hero Fluttershy

Feel free to add any extra information in comments, I’ll update the article and credit it

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  1. I would note all the downsides only apply when your in beast form( transformed), not shur about silver when your human. And the gaurds aren’t to bad. They just say you have fur in your ears and you smell like wet dog which is kinda funny. Also you can’t acess your map in beast form.
    Also you don’t have armor in beast for so you take extra damage I think. That’s cool. I didn’t know that shout was from werewolf and brings wolfs to your aid. Can you use it to make wolves stop attacking you?

    1. I would imagine that works but I haven’t tried it myself. If you’re not sure about the silver damage, check your magic tab for active effects in Wolf and Human form, that should tell you when the weakness is in effect. Thanks for the extra info regarding the map, I’ll add it to the post

  2. One negative is that when you rest in a bed in human form you won’t get the well rested or rested bonus which gives you bonus exp.

      1. Two more things are that
        1.) if your caught transforming you get fined (1000 i think)
        2.) You can’t sneak as a werewolf

  3. Not sure if this is a glitch but i just used a sword in beast form. I think it may have been Skyforge Steel Sword that i was using but i couldn’t tell because of 3rd person view…

  4. Could an Argonian become a werewolf? Cause that would probably look epic. Also, I am a level 13 Khajit kitty kat, my best skill is archery, which is at 45 right now, would it be a good idea to become a werewolf?

    1. Argonian’s can become a Werewolf although haven’t seen the physical appearance changes. I wouldn’t become a werewolf at all to be honest, the benefits are slim and past level 20, you’re actually far weaker than when you’re in normal form.

      1. Ahh, thanks for the info. I’ll just continue to use my character as is, but i think i’ll make an Orc profile or something later and be a werewolf on that profile 😀

  5. i was able to use a sword whilst being in werewolf form, don’t know if it was a glitch or not but was pretty cool. did a bit more damage than usual as you can guess.

  6. Also, there is another werewolf “howl” that is a life detect.

    Another benefit for Dark Brotherhood members is if you transform outside and city or in a place no one goes where you can’t be seen inside, you can kill targets that are walking around outside without the bounty being added to your character. I use it all the time, as long as no one sees your character transform no bounty would be added even if you massacre the whole town.

  7. Im getting tired! I cant change to werewolf! Ive tried everything! tried doing it manuall by going to the power and enablinging it. ive tried to wait and see if it changes. I havent done the wich quest. What am i doing wrong or is it a bug ?

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