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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Alchemy Ingredients Location Guide

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Alchemy Ingredients Location Guide
Alchemy has always been a great skill to level in The Elder Scrolls games and even more so in Skyrim. Using Alchemy allows you to create potions that can help you in the hardest of battles, or make potions that help you craft the best armor and weapons in the game. This Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Alchemy Ingredients Location Guide will list various hard to obtain ingredients and the best locations to find them. For the ones that are required for quests, I will try to list even the smallest locations to make these easier.

General Locations
You can find a large amount of alchemy ingredients robbing alchemists shops and houses. You can also get a large amount of ingredients from the Arch Mages room in Winterhold College.

The list is in alphabetical order.

Crimson Nirnroot

The best place for Crimson Nirnroot is Black Reach. You’ll discover it during the main quest line. There’s also another quest related dungeon that has good amounts of Crimson Nirnroot, head North East of Winterhold to the glacial area and speak with Septimus Signus. He will give you a new quest and the location of the Dwemer Ruins.


You can find a large amount by searching all the Alchemist shops around the main towns of Skyrim.

Best place for Death Bell is the marsh land East South East of oslitude between solitude and the mountain range, there is literally 50+ deathbell plants in that large area alone and is also home of the aincent Nord ruin that gives the player the Ivory Dragon Claw which also has the first word for Frost Breath in it as well (name escapes me, but it is more to the western part of the Marsh Land).

One can be found upstairs in the Fletcher’s house in Solitude. 2 Located inside the Stinking Skeever in Solitude

1 Deathbell found growing on the land right outside the ‘Wrech of the Icerunner’.

2 Deathbells found in the city of Dawnstar, in the Jarl Skald’s White Hall in the alchemy room up on a shelf. Will need to be stolen if desired.

6 or more Deathbell plants found growing just outside the circular proximity of Ustengrav.

5-6 Deathbells found in Erijur’s House in the city of Solitude. Needs to be stolen if desired.

5-6 Deathbells found in Vittoria Vici’s House in the city of Solitude. Needs to be stolen if desired.

2 Deathbells inside of Elgrim’s Elixirs Alchemy shop in the city of Riften, on the front counter. Needs to be stolen if desired.

Glow Dust

1 Glow Dust found in Erijur’s House in the city of Solitude. Needs to be stolen if desired.

2 Glow Dust found in Vittoria Vici’s House in the city of Solitude. Needs to be stolen if desired.

Glowing Mushrooms

These can be found throughout Skyrim but a good spot is the Honeybrew Meadery. There’s a good 10-15 in the basement, must be on or have completed the quest for the Thieves guild to enter.

Human Flesh

A good place for Human Flesh is Reachcliff Cave, a small dungeon that is located South of Reachwater Rock. There are rumors of a necromancers hut that contains a large amount of Human Flesh but I’ve yet to find it.

Human Heart

One of the rarest ingredients in the game, it’s very hard to come across. The only sure fire locations are near people that are performing the Dark Brotherhood Ritual Black Sacrament. These are few and far between and are usually located at random altars throughout Skyrim.

Jazbay Grapes

The best location for Jazbay Grapes is the Atronach Stone. There are several growing nearby, not sure on the respawn rate though. Another option is to follow the path South East from Kynesgrove, which is South of Windhelm stables. You also get asked to go there during the main quest line.

There’s also one in the main bedroom in the Goldenglow Estate near Riften.

1 Jazbay Grape found in the city of Solitude, inside the Winking Skeever building. On the main floor (middle) in the room at the bottom of the stair case up on a shelf that has the knapsack

2 Jazbay Grapes found in the basement of Maven Black-Briar Manor in Riften, up on a shelf in the room with the alchemy table – Thanks to Anenfel

Moon Sugar

Moon Sugar is one of the hardest to obtain ingredients as there are very few, if any, natural locations. Your best option is to purchase it from Khajit. You can find them outside Dawnstar on occasion, there’s also a random event but relying on that doesn’t provide much Moon Sugar.

During the ‘Supply and Demand’ quest started by talking to Riften’s Jarl, you go to the Riften Warehouse where approximately 6 Moon Sugars are found sitting on table and shelves. 1 or 2 more Moon Sugars can be found further into the quest at Cragslane Cavern.


Nightshade can be found in large quantities in and around Solitude. There’s also a good collection (6-7) at the graveyard in Riften, outside Thieves Guild entrance.


Possibly one of the most famous ingredients in The Elder Scrolls games, although now it’s far more common. Most people search for it for the quest that requires you to gather 20 of them. The best way to gather Nirnroot is to find a body of water and follow it, usually at night. The herb emits a strong glow and also a very distinct noise, both of which are more apparent when it’s dark. A nice cluster of them can be found near Half-Moon Mill. Simply follow the river South East and eventually you’ll come across a small pond near a tent. A short distance further down the river and you’ll find a dead vampire in another pond surrounded by Spriggans, there’s a book in that body of water that can increase alchemy. You can also purchase Nirnroot from various Alchemy shops, as well as stealing it from them.

Sarethi farm east from Ivarstead contains 8 nirnroots

2 Nirnroots found growing on the land next to the water’s edge near Brinewater Grotto. Listen for them.

1 Nirnroot Southeast of Faldor’s Tooth growing on a small island with a log in the middle of Treva River.

1 Nirnroot growing directly underneath the rope bridge at Goldenglow Estate. Then, head on over to the connected island along the northern bank for another Nirnroot growing below the rocky ledge.

1 Nirnroot growing just West of Mistveil Keep on a small island outside of Riften.

1 Nirnroot on South shore of Treva River, East of Heartwood Mill and Southeast of Faldor’s Tooth.

1 Nirnroot growing right off the corner of the bridge on Northern side at Heartwood Mill, plus one more growing further West up the shoreline a few steps.

1 Nirnroot right next to the natural log dam of Treva River. At Treva’s Watch, walk to the water’s edge from the front gate, look right on the opposite side of the shore.

1 Nirnroot growing on small island in the middle of Treva River, West of the natural log dam located right outside Treva’s Watch front gate.

1 Nirnroot growing underneath stone bridge. From Sarethi’s Farm follow the dirt path to the cobblestone path, turn left to reach the bridge.

1 Nirnroot East of Ivarstead’s bridge on small island in middle of Treva River.

Troll Fat

The obvious location is anywhere with a Troll but a few other players have a decent deposit to. The East Trading Company Warehouse outside Solitude has 6-7 towards the end.

Do you know a good location to find any ingredient? Leave a comment with the ingredient name and location and I’ll add it to the article as well as adding credit with your name. Guide will be updated regularly.

Void Salts

1 Void Salt found in Erijur’s House in the city of Solitude. Needs to be stolen if desired.

2 Void Salts found in Vittoria Vici’s House in the city of Solitude. Needs to be stolen if desired.

You may also want to use the various Alchemy Skill Books to help increase your level, you can find them all below:

A Game At Dinner, Volume 1: In New Gnisis Cornerclub in Windhelm.

A Game At Dinner, Volume 2: In Honningbrew Meadery.

Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim: In Arcadia’s Cauldron in Whiterun.

Herbalist’s Guide to Skyrim: In the Hag’s Cure in Markarth.

Du Rerum Dirennis: In The Midden beneath The College of Winterhold, on an Alchemy Lab.

Du Rerum Dirennis: Grave Concoctions in Falkreath, under some baskets in the back right corner.

Mannimarco King Of Worms, Volume 1: On the corpse in Evergreen Grove.

Mannimarco King Of Worms, Volume 2: On the Alchemy Lab in Nightcaller Temple.

Song Of The Alchemists, Volume 1: In Bards’ College of Solitude.

Song Of The Alchemists, Volume 2: In Anise’s Cabin.

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