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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Guide

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Guide
This Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dark Brotherhood Guide will give you basic information and tips on easily completing the Dark Brotherhood. I’ll avoid all spoilers and will only include general tips and info. If you’re not sure how to join The Dark Brotherhood, check out our tips and tricks guide.

The Dark Brotherhood is a guild of Assassins, although they don’t quite have the reach and reputation they have in previous Elder Scrolls titles. As a member of The Dark Brotherhood, you will be asked to complete a number of assassinations, break-ins and other very shady illegal activities. There’s no right or wrong way to play Skyrim but if you want to play the true assassins role, follow the below tips.

Sneak is very hit or miss up until level 60 and if you want to really stealth through missions, I’d advise getting level 60 Sneaking before starting The Dark Brotherhoods quest line. For a quick and easy method of leveling up your Sneak, check out our Fast Leveling Guide. At level 60+ Sneak it becomes very easy to be able to clear out entire Dungeons without ever being seen.

Skills & Gear
You will need some kind of heal or a lot of potions, this is mainly backup should you encounter any Dragons or side-bosses on your journeys. You also want Archery to be 30-40+ and One Handed over 25. To make this quest line incredibly easy I would suggest you invest in the huge Stealth Hit multiplier in the One Handed Skill Tree. You’ll also want to take the shrouded robes from the Sanctuary, these offer different benefits than the typical Dark Brotherhood gear. The robes are better for mages, but they also offer double damage on Sneak attacks (combined with the 30x from the perk) and 25% increase on Sneak with the cowl.

The most logical would be the Thief Stone to increase experience gain by 20% but there are many other buffs available. Check out our Stones Location Guide and see which one you think would benefit you the most.

Killing Blow
The most important aspect of being a stealthy assassin, the finishing blow. The 2 best ways to kill any humanoid in Skyrim is Stealth Crits on bows and daggers. Many of the Targets you have to trail are surrounded by their allies, you can still dispatch of them without alerting anyone nearby. If you’re outside or in a town, you can easily get enough distance to make you almost totally invisible to your target. Don’t be afraid to climb to rooftops or on high ledges to get your shot. If you’re target isn’t quite in line, you can use an arrow to draw attention, shoot the arrow near the target where you want them to go, they’ll follow and stall for a few seconds, that’s your chance. The other option is the use of a Dagger, a good dagger with a solid enchantment can 1 hit practically any humanoid target you’ll get, just make sure you stay behind the target and have patience. Sometimes it’s best to only attack at night as your target is usually in bed sleeping.

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  1. Another strat for the Dark Brotherhood line, if you’re not running a sneak build, is to do most of your killing as a werewolf. Just walk into town, locate your target. Walk out of town (or just hide somewhere), turn into a werewolf, then come cruising into town, run straight for your mark, maul him/her, then cruise out of town. The drive-by werewolf mauling works wonders for a tank or mage build who doesn’t want to build up a bounty.

    If you’re really cold, just walk back into town and loot the body, mumbling something about “those cursed werewolves”.

  2. Is there and end to the “Brotherhood Forever” quests if there is I’d really like to know so far I’ve done about 10 and if there isn’t the Hab SoSli Quch to the creators of this game.

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