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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Hide and Seek Quest Guide

After returning to Dawnguard and talking to Serana there will be a couple of side quests that you can complete. One of the side quests that you can complete allows players to hunt down a vampire desguised as a traveling pilgrim. This guide is here to help players complete the Hide and Seek Quest in Skyrim. Talk to Gunmar who is usually hanging around the forge or smelter and he will give you the quest.

Hide and Seek Quest Guide

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“Gunmar hs sent me to Rorikstead. I am to find and kill the vampire masquerading as a Traveling Polgrim. i am to do so discreetly as the law is unaware of the threat and will assume I have murdered a citizen.”

  • Discreetly kill Traveling Pilgrim

The quest is in Rorikstead so head outside the Fort, open up the map and get yourself there quickly by fast traveling. For me the Traveling Pilgrim was in the Inn but he also could be roaming around the town. If you have a high persuasion or intimidation level you can possibly just lead the Traveling Pilgrim away from the town/Inn.

However if those levels are too low it is not that hard to take care of him in the inn.The vampire/pilgrim will rotate his chair position in the inn after you talk to him. There are also two guards that are rotating position to try to foil your murder attempts. For me it was easy enough to kill him while couched behind a couple of people. If you don’t want to take that risk you can be patient and get a clear shot. After a couple of rotations he will sit in a chair inside one of the inn rooms. Take him out quickly with a stealth kill and you will have completed the killing of the Traveling Pilgrim.

Return back to Gunmar and he will give you more vampire killing quests! Enjoy the Iron war axe of shocks in Skyrim!


  1. The quest sent me to Dawnstar and when I fast travel there either the Traveling Advisor is not there or already attacking the people of Dawnstar and I cannot complete the quest. I’ve tried reloading from my last save, leaving and coming back, and transforming into a werewolf outside of town and then killing him and nothing works. Any advice?

        1. Hmm. Not really sure what you can do. It’s an easy fix on the PC as you can use the developer console to fix it. Usually with Skyrim, when something bugs like that, you’re screwed. I’ve not actually played Dawnguard so I’ll forward your message to Ryan McBride and maybe he can help you.

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